Thoughts on the BBC Passion

I started my reflection on the Passion a few days ago, but I have only just completed it, and am posting it today.

Hello everyone!  Both my beloved and I found the depiction of the Passion shown over Easter on the television good.  My nephew, Dr Mark Goodacre, an assistant professor in an American university, and expert on New Testament studies, was an advisor on the program.  I found it an interesting portrayal of the passion from the point of view of the people.  I felt so sorry for Judas struggling with himself over his betrayal, and could easily see how difficult it was for him to do.  I was struck with the worries of Caiaphas, who was so afraid of what Jesus stood for; he really was in fear of him.  I found the brutality of the temple guards surprising yet believable.  The confrontations with the temple authorities were very clearly portrayed.  The scenery seemed perfect as the backdrop of the production.  I liked the portrayal of Jesus, as he seemed to have a very expressive face and eyes, which showed compassion, and wisdom.  The disciples came across as people, who did not understand what Jesus was predicting.  I was pleased to see how Jesus reassured the disciples that though they would fail him he still loved them.  The fear and sense of abandonment after the crucifixion the disciples felt was tangible.  Some wanted to leave and return to Galilee and resume their former lives, whilst others like the former prostitute knew that Jesus had changed their lives.   All the disciples did realise that they had been changed by Jesus, but they felt lost without Jesus. 


The resurrection appearances seemed authentic with the reactions of the disciples.  They were so caught up in their grief that they needed to see Jesus for themselves.  Mary’s grief was authentic; I was interested to see that Jesus was different, as I always felt she did not recognise him, as she was so full of grief.  I loved the portrayal of the road to Emmaus, which was my mother’s favourite resurrection experience; it was fascinating to see how Jesus was different, until he revealed himself in the breaking of the bread.  This interpretation of the passion has enriched my understanding of the disciples’ reactions to Jesus’ resurrection. 

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2 Responses to Thoughts on the BBC Passion

  1. Mark says:

    Hi Auntie Helen.  Pleased you enjoyed watching The Passion.  I was delighted with it and pleased to have been involved in my small way with an excellent production.  Happy Easter, and love, Mark

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Mark
    I feel so honoured to be related to you!  We enjoyed your comments in the Radio Times; we too love the Life of Brian.  Last Sunday morning on Good Morning Sunday Aled Jones was asking for people to say which their favourite portrayal of the Passion was.  He accepted most suggestions, except that he dismissed those who said \’The Life of Brian\’ as he thought they were having a laugh!!  We too think it is excellent.

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