An unwelcome intruder

Hello everyone!  It has been a generally bright and sunny, although very windy day; at least I have heard the wind whistling round our building and felt the wind through the sky light.  I had a busy day at work, although I have to start work with a coffee to wake up, as I have not yet settled into British Summertime.  I love the lighter evenings, but I find I am alert later in the evening than usual, and I would prefer to sleep a little longer in the morning! 


Today my beloved has returned Calais, restored to full health after her treatment, to the large aquarium.  Apparently she was welcomed by the other two fantails.  Now she has a new lease of life and is happily swimming around pursuing her friends; she is even attempting to nip the other fish’s tails!!  It is good to see her so happy!


We had a less enjoyable encounter this evening in the front room, after we sat down to enjoy our Chinese take away, when my beloved suddenly said, ‘there’s a mouse just run behind the chair!’  I must admit it took real discipline to continue to eat my meal, even though I had not seen it at that point!  A few minutes later I saw a brown furry creature scuttling near the bookshelves!  I could not settle after that, in fact I kept jumping in case I saw it again!!  We set off after our meal to buy some mouse traps!  My beloved has set 2 humane traps with chocolate in raspberry jam; we would prefer to catch it and release it, but if we are not able to trap it, we also have the more deadly variety.  It takes me back years, when the girls were small, and we found that something had been eating bread and fruit, so we set the trap with cheese.  However that was not successful so we tried chocolate, and we caught it!  Cathy was so upset that we had to bury the mouse in the garden, and for ages after we had to keep putting flowers on the mouse’s grave!!  She was so tender hearted; it made us feel terrible!!  My beloved had neglected to tell me that he had noticed little bites being taken out of the bird suet balls!  He had also noticed that one suet ball seemed rather small, when he took it out for our large family of garden birds.  I am glad that I did not know until tonight about the furry addition to our household!  Hopefully we can release it to the wild.  I have enjoyed this evening with my beloved as always.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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