A tasting bonanza!

Hello everyone!  I had a slow start to the day, which is usual for me on a Saturday morning.  I was obviously not as with it as I had thought, as I set off to Oatlands for a coffee morning, but it was not on!  Why not, you may ask?  Well the coffee morning is on the SECOND Saturday of the month and today is the first Saturday in April!!  I still do tend to be scatty!  I returned home somewhat sheepishly to my beloved’s amusement! 


Yesterday we were expecting the Pieroth representative for a wine tasting, but before the time we were expecting him we found he had been and left the free gift!!  There was a message on the answer machine to say he had been there and was so sorry to have missed us.  We rang him with a message to say that we were in the garden and could not hear the phone, as it was a lovely afternoon.  Later he rang and came at 1pm today instead.  We had several glasses of wine to sample, of which a number were extra special.  We made an order for a few bottles, and then I realised I was rather tipsy!  We only had had tasting samples but as I had only had a banana before the tasting it went to my head more quickly!! I would have been less tipsy if I had eaten lunch first!  My beloved is not easily affected by wine as I am!  He was great to me, and put a pizza in for lunch for us to share, and heated up a minestrone soup for us too; he realised that I would be better sitting down for a bit, whilst he rustled some lunch up for us!  I also drank four large glasses of water, as I felt rather thirsty and I gradually sobered up!  I am now enjoying cups of green tea after my usual snack meal of a slice of wholemeal bread with sliced meat, two oatcakes and salad.  It is cosy here, after a rather cold wet day.  I love relaxing with my beloved.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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2 Responses to A tasting bonanza!

  1. Unknown says:

    yes, it would be highly amusing to see Helen tipsy. And such a nicely brought up young gal as well. Does Pieroth specialise in German wines? I seem to recall that they do.

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Selwyn
    Yes Pieroth does deal mostly in German wines, but occasionally they do wines from New Zealand, Argentina, France and Rumania among others.

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