Life continues to be great!

Hello everyone!  I am sorry I have not had time to go on the blog since last Sunday, but I had a busy week at work, and I was preparing for another service tomorrow.  I had three services in a row, and I like to keep to the lectionary lessons, so I have prepared three new services.  I am glad that I now have a couple of weeks break, before my next service!  I love leading services, as I want everyone to know that Jesus loves and accepts as we are; he is alongside us in our daily lives, listening to and supporting us, even if we do not realise it.


I had busy, enjoyable days at work, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, although we visited our new surgery in the new health centre, which is almost complete and ready for us to move into at the beginning of May.  We will have much more space, and the rest of the building will be taken up with the other agencies, such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, and podiatry.  I am not looking forward to the move, but I shall no longer be on my own in a small office, but will share a larger room with three other members of the administrative staff.  It is a room with a window, which is better too.  I will be glad when we are all settled in and back to normal.


On Wednesday I met Beth, my elder daughter in town, and we did some browsing around the shops.  I took her to sample the fare of a tearoom, which has just been opened in a pub, which is under new management, the West Park.  We were immediately struck by the relaxing atmosphere of the place, and settled in comfy armchairs overlooking the Stray, (a large expanse of grass for our use and pleasure).  Banana bread and orange and walnut bread were homemade; Beth had the latter with all the trimmings, which was butter, cream and a fresh strawberry, whereas I had mine as it was; both were delicious!  We found ourselves so relaxed that we could easily have dozed off!!  In fact, as we got up to leave, Beth suddenly reminded me that we had not paid!!  I would never intentionally do that, but I felt so relaxed that I had forgotten that I had not paid!!  All was soon remedied and we set off to complete our tasks in town with a continued sense of relaxation and wellbeing!


On Friday I went down to the Acorn Centre to see if there were any people who wanted help with the computer that morning, as the computers were not available in the afternoon, because the English course had begun again.  It felt a luxury to return to my beloved for delicious baked salmon, accompanied by stir fried peppers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and jacket potatoes.  I even began to sort out a pile of correspondence I had, magazines to look at and old documents to shred.  I then just enjoyed some reading.  Where was my beloved that afternoon, you might ask?  He was sorting out a problem with his newest computer, as it had decided not to connect to the very network he had set up!  He had had ‘fun’ with a virtual Vista set up, and after finishing with that experimenting, the computer decided to play up on the network connections.  I felt guilty as he was just finding something for me on line to help me with my service tomorrow, and was unable to print it.  With our clever little flash drivers he was able to print my service from another machine.  However he did not give up trying to restore his computer until about 8.30pm, when he had successfully resolved the problem!  I had plied him with sandwiches and drinks, while he worked on the problem.  I would never have had the patience or staying power he had; I would have wanted to throw the machine across the room.  My beloved cannot relax until he has sorted any problem, which occurs, so I am really pleased he did succeed in restoring the network.  Of course he was then absolutely shattered, and we watched ‘Law and Order, Special Victims Unit’ in bed even though it finished before 11pm!  This morning he was still rather tired, even though he had hoped to go with me to a coffee morning at Oatlands Chapel.  I encouraged him to rest, as he can still so easily get overdone, if he ignores his body.  I know he would like to be able to do more, but he copes better if he paces himself.


I enjoyed meeting my friends at the coffee morning, where we were raising money for the Carers Association.  Apparently there are 400 young people in Harrogate, who are carers for one or both of their parents; reasons can include parental addiction to drugs and, or alcohol!  We all bring some raffle prizes, and buy tickets to boost the fund raising; I had two strips, and my numbers kept coming up, so after I had one win, I swapped tickets with someone else on our table who had not had a win; three times I did this and eventually had a second prize for myself!  I was able to get a cream bun for my beloved, scones for Ken, Cathy’s partner, and two Battenberg slices for Cathy as well as some tea bags for Beth.  The best part of being there was catching up with our friends from Oatlands Chapel, so I am glad that we still do raise money once a month for different causes.  I am now relaxing with my beloved as we listen to Jazz Line Up on Radio 3.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.



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2 Responses to Life continues to be great!

  1. Unknown says:

    yes, I have total sympathy with the thought of hurling computers across the room. Not that I can ever imagine calm quiet Helen ever doing such a thing.

  2. Helen says:

    What do you mean, calm quiet Helen?  You have never seen me when I get into a panic, or when things all seem to go wrong!  Malcolm would enlighten you I am sure!

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