An evening of relaxation

Hello everyone!  It is lovely to be able to relax this evening with my beloved, especially as I have been out for the last four evenings!  As I had led the service on Sunday morning I went to the evening service, which was the Easter Offering service.  I found the theme very good and challenging as it was ‘Making a difference: Transforming lives’.  I was especially struck by the experience of a volunteer, who lived in a hostel for destitute women in India, mostly Dalit women, as she recognised their extremely low status in society: it made her determined to continue to work for the improvement of women in Indian society.  Another story, which was heartening, was about a 10 year old boy Imrana Musa living in Nigeria.  When the government planned to offer immunisation against polio to children, they needed to be registered by completing the appropriate forms, and he realised that many would miss out, as they had no one to fill in the forms.  He helped children in his family and neighbourhood to fill in forms.  We can all make a difference if we try.


On Monday evening I went to my Bible Study group where we discussed ‘forgiveness’ in the Lord’s Prayer.  My beloved was concerned as it went on late and I had to get up for work the next day: he was right of course, so I will try to leave earlier next time.  On Tuesday I was at the Churches Together meeting, which fortunately did not go on too late!  Last night I met my best friend Hilary and we shared a feast for one at Pizza Hut; potato wedges, an individual deep pan pizza with onions and mushrooms and a cheese cake.  It was lovely and quiet last night at the restaurant, so we could have a good chat.  I also met Beth for a drink and a scone in town, as it was her day off yesterday, in fact she had taken two days holiday this week, as well as her normal days off.  This evening we had a Chinese take away for a change and now it is lovely not to be rushing out anywhere, but just enjoying time with my beloved.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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