It is good to relax

Hello everyone!   I felt really tired when I woke up, so I relaxed later in bed, which did help.  I love reading in bed in the morning, as I have a few cups of tea; it feels very self indulgent!  I love relaxing whilst my beloved continues to sleep or doze next to me; fortunately I do not disturb his rest by my reading and he likes to know that I am there.  I went into town to pay a bill and popped into my chapel for a drink and had a delicious homemade wholemeal date scone.  I enjoyed the walk, although it was quite cold.  I must admit that it will be lovely when the warmer days come.


Yesterday my beloved joined me when I shopped at Waitrose, as I had a coupon of £6 off, if I spent £60 or more.  As we have a card we earn vouchers as we spend, but at times we are sent these extra coupons, so we shop in Waitrose for a change.  My beloved finds the experience of shopping in Waitrose preferable to Sainsbury’s, where I usually do the main weekly shops, as there is a greater variety of goods and a larger number of less expensive basic lines, which make the money stretch further for me there.  However shopping in Waitrose has a bonus, as there are often interesting new products, such as venison and pork sausages, which we enjoyed for treat today.  I must admit they were really delicious.  My beloved always manages to spot exciting new items of food to try and his judgment is always excellent! 


We enjoyed a local walk together and now we are relaxing in our cosy backroom and will enjoy some wine together.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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