A meal with my sister Janet triggers memories

Hello everyone!  On Friday evening my beloved and I had the treat of going to my sister Janet for the evening meal.  It was so relaxing that my beloved, who had been shattered before we went, could hardly keep awake, as we were sitting on Janet’s comfy couch having cups of tea after the meal!  It was a tasty chicken casserole with plenty of vegetables, including mashed potatoes, which were lovely for a change, followed by lemon meringue pie and cheese and biscuits.  I only have cheese and a biscuit on special occasions and it makes a lovely change.


It was great to hear of Janet and Fran’s trip via Singapore to Australia and New Zealand, though we were sorry to hear that Janet was not very well at the beginning, so could not enjoy it to the full.  The last time Fran and I visited Australia was when we were 9 and 12/13 respectively: on that occasion we travelled in style on Ocean liners there and back.  I can remember thinking I must remember this, as it was such an amazing experience; I even had my birthday on the way to Australia!  Such memories as rain in Bombay, as it was then called, with everyone carrying black umbrellas and the white sand by the Suez Canal, as we waited for our passage through, come readily to mind.  A less happy memory was the rough sea in the Bay of Biscay, when I felt ready to die with seasickness, and wondered how I could possibly cope with 28 days at sea!!  By the time we were sailing through the Great Australian Bight I had well and truly got my sea legs, so we found it hilarious, when it was rough, as we could not walk straight along the corridors!  A funny memory of that time was mother having a bath, which she described as being one moment under water then being totally uncovered by water; my father’s comment at the time was he could not possibly have a bath in such circumstances!  That also reminds me of how the steward filled our baths for us on the way to Australia, which was amazing to us, as the baths were full of water: we had grown up with bath water just covering our legs and even now I find it difficult to lounge in a deep bath, so I prefer to shower.


It was interesting to hear of Janet and Fran’s visit to New Zealand, which they found more relaxing than Australia, as they were staying for 4 nights in one place.  One great joy for Janet was to see her late husband, Robert’s twin brother Denis, whose health is also not good.  From the photos you could see the family resemblance to Robert in Denis mostly by his stance at times in the photo, as they were not identical twins.  I know that Janet would like to spend more time exploring New Zealand in a future trip, as she was very taken with the country.  We enjoyed looking at the photos of the cousins, the scenery of Australia, New Zealand and some views of Singapore too.  It was good to see that Janet was in good form and hear her enthusiasm about her trip with Fran.

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2 Responses to A meal with my sister Janet triggers memories

  1. Unknown says:

    I enjoyed the reminiscences. I believe our first son Jonathan was born during that trip – I remember sending a letter to announce the arrival of the first grandchild. I so agree about the shallow baths. It has taken me 40 years to get used to more than just a leg covering. Nice to read more on the Janet and Fran trip.

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Selwyn
    I still cannot feel relaxed if I fill the bath up!  It is so funny that you also felt the same!  Waste not want not is still my motto, and I am loathe to throw anything out in case it comes in handy!

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