Waking up took most of the day!

Hello everyone!  I have had a busy day at work, covering the reception when the receptionist was needed elsewhere.  It also helped me keep awake, as I found it really hard to stay awake and alert, because I did not sleep as well as usual!  I could not get to sleep last night for some reason as my mind seemed really active.  My beloved helped me relax at last, and then I slept deeply only to be awoken by the alarm with a jolt.  Once awake I seemed to be in slow motion most of the day, although a couple of cups of coffee helped.  I expect I shall sleep well tonight; at least I hope so.  It is good not to have a meeting to go to tonight.  My beloved had prepared delicious spaghetti bolognaise for our evening meal, and now we are relaxing together.
My beloved took a ‘dead’ goldfish out of the pond, where it was floating, but as there were signs of life, he put it in our recovery tank!  It is poorly with an anchor worm infestation, and problems with its eyes, so we shall have to see if it recovers.  My beloved did try to remove the anchor worm without success.  He will try tomorrow when he is more alert.  He always tries to help a sick animal, but we may have to release it from life, if we feel it is suffering.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.
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