Time to relax at the weekend

Hello everyone!  I am sorry for the long break in doing the blog, but I found that I was rather tired after work last week.  Even on my day off I felt exhausted and found I had little energy for my usual walk into town.  I just did what I needed to do and felt that I was walking in slow motion, when I arrived for my hair appointment.  It was lovely to relax and be treated to having my hair washed, massaged and cut by Grace, my excellent stylist.  She has now moved to a smaller hair studio after training and working 6 years for Saks hairdressers.  I was so glad to be able to be her customer, as I was one of her models, when she was training: she just seems to know how to make my hair fall into place in the style, which is easy to keep, as it only requires washing and blowing dry!  She always makes me feel special, so it is good now to be able to go her new place, ‘& Hair’.  I went to Saks to change my appointment with Grace, when they informed me that she had left!  They offered me an appointment with another stylist, but I was disappointed they had not let me know earlier!  When I arrived to change the appointment the girl on reception told me that she had been ringing that morning to tell me that Grace had left.  On my return home I asked my beloved if he had heard from the hairdresser, but he had not heard, and when we checked 1471, we discovered that they had made no attempt to ring me!!  We cannot trust people to be honest, which is a pity!


I had another full day at work on Thursday, and thanks to my beloved, I had time to eat my meal, before dashing out to a special Church Council meeting for 7.30pm!  Fortunately it was not too long a meeting, so I arrived home in time to enjoy two of my favourite programs, ‘House’, and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.  On Friday I was back helping on the official computer course, as the summer term has just started.  It was good to be helping the students again; there were a couple of new students, one of whom was very nervous of the computer and the other, who already had some grounding in the computer.  It was good to see both of them making progress in their understanding of the computer.  I did not do much on Friday evening but relax with my beloved and complete watching the DVD of the ‘Return of the King’, before watching the new series of ‘Shark’, another program we really enjoy. 


Yesterday I still felt very tired and got up slowly for my usual treat of a Saturday breakfast, fruit porridge, fruit juice and a boiled egg and toast.  My beloved was feeling more alert, so he was able to come with me into town, as we paid some bills and did shopping.  We went into the new Sony Showroom to have a look at the opening offers, and my beloved decided to buy one which was a particularly good bargain.  It is a 32 inch LCD television with free view incorporated in it, and it came with a free stand worth £199 and free 5 year insurance, worth about £300! I left him to it to sort out all the nuts and bolts, as it looked horrific!  He soon had the stand set up, which was most complicated and the television was soon up and running.  It seems more spacious now!  We feel as though we now have our own cinema in our home!  It is lovely; we are fortunate.  I am fortunate especially that my beloved can put these things together!



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