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Lauren’s Good Shepherd Prayer

  Hello everyone!  On Sunday I led the morning service on the theme of Jesus, the Good Shepherd.  I always love to do a children’s address, and I was not disappointed as there were three children on the front row.  … Continue reading

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Life continues to be great!

Hello everyone!  I am sorry I have not had time to go on the blog since last Sunday, but I had a busy week at work, and I was preparing for another service tomorrow.  I had three services in a … Continue reading

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Will you miss Him?

Hello everyone!  Today is absolutely beautiful.  The sun is shining brightly and a few cotton wool clouds are spreading the blue sky.  The temperature has dropped but I don’t mind as the sunshine is so lovely and uplifting.  This morning … Continue reading

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A tasting bonanza!

Hello everyone!  I had a slow start to the day, which is usual for me on a Saturday morning.  I was obviously not as with it as I had thought, as I set off to Oatlands for a coffee morning, … Continue reading

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Released at last!

Hello everyone!  Today has been somewhat overcast with some periods when the sun broke through, but it has remained fine.  I even put most of my washing out for a blow for just over an hour and it will not … Continue reading

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An unwelcome intruder

Hello everyone!  It has been a generally bright and sunny, although very windy day; at least I have heard the wind whistling round our building and felt the wind through the sky light.  I had a busy day at work, … Continue reading

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