An eventful week

Hello everyone!  Here I am at last back blogging!  I have had a busy week, so now I want to bring my readers up to date.  On Monday as I was driving home I noticed the car on the opposite side of the road had stopped, so I slowed down and stopped as well to allow the little family of a duck and its 8 little ducklings marching in a straight line behind her!  It really made my day to see them!!


On Wednesday I had a slow start to the day, although I had a service to prepare ready for this Sunday, so I began to do that.  My beloved and I also went out to Homebase to stock up with more bird seed for our bird visitors. 


After having delicious baked salmon with jacket potatoes prepared by my beloved for lunch, I went into town to meet Beth, and we did some browsing round the shops and enjoyed a drink and a lovely wholemeal fruit scone and a good chat together.  I had a lovely treat of a massage in town for the first time with Sophie, as Sylvie was ill.  It was a really relaxing experience.  

When we had bought our new television, I had offered Beth our old set and she was pleased to accept it.  My beloved and I took the TV over to her house that evening, a somewhat hairy journey as we had not got it put in the car properly, so that it wobbled rather precariously!  I stopped the car to secure the TV better, and this time it did not wobble so much.  We got it safely to Beth’s after my poor beloved had suffered extra stress from the journey!  My beloved was also able to get Beth’s garden strimmer working, as it had seized up.  It took a bit of time to sort out, even with Beth’s brainwave of looking on line, but at last my beloved worked out how to remove the lid to release the wire and it was fixed!  He never likes to give up, until he solves the problem!


On our return home I was trying to put the car back to rights after delivering the TV, when I slipped on the damp step and crashed down on my right upper arm!  I knew I had hurt it but it did not feel too bad at first, until I tried to write and then I realised it hurt!  I took some Paracetamol tablets to ease the pain.  It was only when I got to bed I realised I had done something very painful, as I could not settle to sleep in my usual position.  I had to lie on my back keeping my arm as still as possible and hold it bent against me, to try and rest.  In the end sheer exhaustion meant that I did sleep fitfully but was awake every hour of the night, disturbing my beloved with the odd groans!  In the morning I was in agony as I moved, and felt rather odd and sick, in fact I was actually sick!  I realised I would have to phone work and explain that I was going to casualty and that I was not well enough for work. 

They were very kind at the hospital, trying to find out where I thought the pain was.  As it seemed more in my upper arm they x-rayed that and my shoulder first, but nothing was broken, but I was still in agony despite some pain killers I had been given.  The pain would not settle especially after they had got me to move it into excruciating positions, so I had to wipe tears away!  I apologised for being such a wimp!!  By then the pain seemed more focussed in the elbow, so they x-rayed that, and once again it was not broken, but there was swelling round the bone, which was causing the pain.  I was given a special sling to wear, and I was told to return to the fracture clinic the next day to be checked, as I was still in such pain!  I then took a taxi home, leaving my car at the hospital!  Yes, I had foolishly driven to the hospital!  Well, I thought I could manage as I only really hold the steering wheel with my right hand, using my left for the gears.  I did get there OK but found it difficult to park, as that hurt my arm!  Cathy and Ken, bless them, drove over to bring my car back home!  I was told I was not allowed to drive! 


This morning Cathy came to my rescue again and took me shopping with her, dropped me off at the fracture clinic, and took all my shopping home.  As I was early at the clinic I did not have to wait so long, and it was confirmed that I had pulled a muscle!  It is amazing how painful that was.  Now Ibuprofen is helping the pain, and I had slept well last night.  The doctor told me to keep using the arm a little but to keep it in the sling until Monday.  I asked when I would be able to drive again, and the doctor thought I would be able to try on Monday or Tuesday provided that I did not feel any sharp pain.  I am glad that it is Bank Holiday Monday, so I am not working, and I hope to be back to work on Tuesday!


What of my beloved over this time?  He has been wonderful, caring and practical, taking special care of me.  He had to help me dress, and do my laces up on Thursday!  He also did all the washing up as well as the cooking, getting me drinks and making sure I could rest; I felt so special.  This morning he hung all the washing out for me, as it is too difficult to reach up at the moment!  I walked to the Centre to help with the computer as I could still encourage and help with one arm in a sling!  My beloved had also brought all the washing in for me, by the time I returned home!  I have felt a bit guilty about my clumsiness, as it has put so much stress on my beloved, but bless him, he seems to have coped!  I am so fortunate to share my life with my beloved.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it. 



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