Birthday joys

Hello everyone!  I have had a busy week so I was not able to blog till now.  At work we were preparing to move to our new Health Centre, so we were packing everything away.  I even worked on Thursday, which was my birthday as that was the day that everything was moved from the old surgery to the new centre.  It was quite tiring but exciting too.  I worked on Friday too as there is so much to sort out!  So far, all that is working are the phones; hopefully the computers will soon get set up, so I can catch up with work.  We have air conditioning in the new centre, which is wonderful as my former office was only bearable to work in on a hot day, as I had a fan, which made some effort to circulate air.  Mind you I was roasted in the new centre as we sorted things out, as I was much more active than usual at work.

I had a lovely surprise at work, when I was called through into the old waiting room and they had a huge chocolate sponge cake with a candle with happy birthday on it.  They all sung happy birthday and I had to blow the candle out!!  I have amazing work colleagues!  It made it worth working on my birthday.  After work my beloved and I went out for a meal at Luigi’s Italian restaurant, which was delicious.  We both had mushroom starters and rosemary chicken for our main course; I had cheesecake and my beloved had a crème brulée, both of which were lovely.  We went home and Cathy and Ken joined us for some wine to celebrate my birthday.  It was a most enjoyable birthday.  Today the weather has been lovely, sunny and warm.  I have enjoyed the evening relaxing with my beloved.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.


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