Come Holy Spirit

Hello everyone!  Today is Pentecost Sunday, the day that the church was born.  The disciples, who had been overjoyed to see the risen Jesus, had felt bereft when he returned to his father, and they were still hiding away waiting for the promised power from the father.  On Pentecost Sunday they were filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, and they became courageous witnesses for Jesus, in fact they just had to share Jesus and 3000 people became believers on that day. The Holy Spirit had been present at creation, and had inspired the prophets in the Old Testament, but from Pentecost Sunday the Holy Spirit became available to ordinary people like us, who believed in Jesus. 

This evening in Songs of Praise the focus was on the Pentecostal revival in the 1930’s, which led to the establishment of the Elim Pentecostal church, although a separate denomination had not been the intention of the founder George Jeffreys.  He had just wanted to lead people to know the saviour he loved.  Some of today’s Elim Pentecostals impressed me, when they described the football club they had set up as an outreach to those outside church, not to preach Jesus, but  to show the boys Christ through the way they live their lives.


I became a Christian at university, when I began to seek for the Holy Spirit to give me the power I needed to help me in my daily life.  My mother had kept writing to me about the Holy Spirit and that made me want to find out more for myself.  One evening I felt I wanted to sing, (I am not a good singer like my brothers, and my sister Janet), but my friend June got out her guitar and we sang chorus, after chorus; I then felt a deep sense of warmth flooding my body and knew that I had received a deep sense of God’s presence, the Holy Spirit.  I could not stop smiling, but I did not speak in another language, until months later, when I ran out of words to pray for a friend in difficulties, and found myself praying in another language, which made me feel totally in tune with the Father, to whom I was praying.

I long for everyone to realise that God loves them as they are and come to know Jesus, and receive the help and support of his Holy Spirit.  My late husband Stephen used to sing Spirituals and one of his favourite ones was:

‘Every time I feel the Spirit in my heart, I will pray.

Every time I feel the Spirit in my heart, I will pray.’

I love that Spiritual and often find those words going through my mind.  I conclude this with this chorus by Daniel Iverson:


Spirit of the living God,

Fall afresh on me.

Spirit of the living God,

Fall afresh on me.

Break me, melt me,

Mould me, fill me.

Spirit of the living God,

Fall afresh on me.


May you all be blessed on this special day and receive a deeper sense of God’s presence in your lives.



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1 Response to Come Holy Spirit

  1. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Hello Helen,
    Thank you for stopping by.  It was a very pleasant surprise and I enjoyed seeing your name and feeling your presence.  It\’s kind of keeping with your message for Pentecost. I was browsing and saw a few more pictures of family – particularly your daughters.  Very nice.
    Spring has come to this side of the pond but truly warm weather hasn\’t come.  Things are planted but not really popping.  But I\’m sure warmer weather will come soon.  Malcolm must be working hard in the garden and by your fish pond. Please give him my love.  Be well.    Bittersweet

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