Concern for my sister

Hello everyone!  In the last two weeks I have been concerned about my sister Margaret, who has been taken ill and is in hospital.  She had had a fall and was fortunately well looked after by the lady, Sheila, who collected her for church and her vicar Ian Lovell.  Sheila had been concerned that she seemed rather vague and confused so she and the Ian visited and eventually Margaret told them of her fall.  With their assistance the out of hours doctor came to see her, and she was taken to A&E, from where she was admitted for tests.  So far they have not determined exactly why she was so vague and confused, so she is still in hospital.  When my eldest brother David visited she found it very difficult to converse with him.  Fortunately my retired GP brother Selwyn does not live too far away from her and has been able to visit her on a number of occasions, so he has been able to send us updates on her condition.  She has progressed to speaking more normally, after initially being only able to string one or two words together, although she obviously understood what was being said.  I live 4 hours each way away from her and as I am working and have been preaching the last 2 Sundays, I have not been able to visit her yet.  My other older sister Janet was able to visit her last Wednesday; I had originally thought of going with her, as I thought she was going to be travelling both ways in one day; I did not want her to do such a long journey on her own.  However sensibly she decided to stay a night and not return until the following day.  I have just moved to a new surgery and have a lot of work to catch up with, and I am having a week off from June 12th, as it is Margaret’s 70th birthday on June 13th and a birthday meal has been arranged for then, so I will see her then.  I look forward to seeing her on June 12th as my beloved and I will travel down on that day.  I am so glad my brothers and my sister have been able to visit my sister, especially Selwyn as he understands the problems and the system too.  We are all praying for her at this time, as unlike the rest of the family she did not marry; she only has us, her siblings and her friends, whereas we all have our children.  I will feel better when we see Margaret a week on Thursday, though I know she is in good hands.  I am so glad that Selwyn is nearby.

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