A Special birthday celebration

Hello everyone!  I shall now tell you about my sister Margaret’s birthday celebration.  I left my beloved and drove over to my sister’s house.  She is the only one who never married so wanted to share her 70th birthday with her siblings.  When I arrived at Margaret’s house my brothers, David and Selwyn and my sisters Janet and Fran were already there; Selwyn’s wife was also there, but she left to join her sister as soon as I arrived.  I then helped Margaret open some of her presents and write down who had given them.  She seemed to be coping better on Friday, but we soon set off to go to the Spinney Hill pub, where she had booked lunch for us all.  It was good to be together as a family.  We soon found our table and chose what we wanted.  We made rather a lot of noise as we laughed and chatted and remembered past times.  Selwyn said that he would pay for the drinks and Margaret the food.  Fran and I had vegetarian lasagne, Selwyn had beef lasagne, Janet had a pie, Margaret had a chicken dish and David had a Thai curry.  The food was good and quite filling.  Margaret wanted to share a chocolate fudge cake with someone, so we decided to order one chocolate fudge cake and a separate ice cream, as many of us were feeling quite satisfied.  Fran and I went to order the sweets, and we were asked if we wanted custard with the fudge cake, so I went to ask Margaret and remembered how she hated custard, so I returned and asked for the fudge cake without custard.  However the puddings arrived and the fudge cake had custard with it.  I told the waitress that I had not ordered that but she insisted that I had, but she did bring another pudding with ice cream; in the end we also had the fudge cake with the custard!  Margaret ate most of the chocolate fudge cake, as she has a sweet tooth, whilst Selwyn had the chocolate ice cream.  I felt really upset as I felt it was my fault about the pudding coming with custard and that I had ruined Margaret’s birthday.  I apologised to the waitress for upsetting her, but she shrugged it off.  I eventually calmed down.  Fran ate half the chocolate fudge cake with custard and I finished it off and it was very good.  We completed our meal with large cups of coffee.  


Before I got upset I went round with my beloved’s digital camera to take some photos of my siblings.  I enjoyed taking snaps which have turned out quite good; they reveal Selwyn and Margaret’s personalities in particular.  It was good to chat together, so time passed quickly.  After 3 hours enjoying the leisurely meal we went back to Margaret’s to open the rest of the presents and have birthday cake.  First of all we went into the garden, as Margaret’s lawn had grown rather long and Selwyn wanted to mow it for Margaret.  The lawn mower was located but it needed some oil to get it to move!  After some persistence Selwyn succeeded in getting it to work; David also successfully mowed some of the lawn, while Fran collected the grass cuttings.  Fran decided to take a share in the mowing and she could hardly move it, but with effort she also did some mowing.  I too struggled to mow a little with Margaret’s hand mower; my elder brothers were the best at wielding the reluctant mower.  I don’t know how on earth Margaret can use it at all.  Margaret settled herself on the ground and weeded, while Selwyn tried to mow round her.  Soon we went inside while Margaret opened up the rest of her presents.  Janet then produced the cake she had made and put candles on it, one for each decade, seven to represent 70 years.  She then called me to go to her as she had balloons to be blown up.  I had never managed to blow balloons before, but I managed to blow some up, but Janet had to tie them up.  We returned with the 70th birthday balloons and we batted them between us; Margaret was particularly keen on batting the balloons across the room!  We sang happy birthday and we all helped blow the candles out!!  It was a lovely day.


I returned to my beloved and relaxed with him; I needed no more food as I was still well satisfied.  It was good to spend time with him.  That was the day that the Lord has made and I rejoiced and was glad in it.

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6 Responses to A Special birthday celebration

  1. Unknown says:

    We missed you on Saturday for the excellent picnic provided by David, which we ate in Margaret\’s sunny garden.  Janet\’s slide show was great fun too – pics of you and me as children plus various weddings, etc.
    The waitress was at fault – not you.  It was appalling the way she argued with us over the custard!  She should have apologised.  The customer is always right!
    Love, Fran x

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Fran
    I was sorry to miss the slide show though Janet will show us when we next go for a meal at her house.  I suppose I was not so much at fault as the waitress.  You are right that the customer is always right.

  3. Unknown says:

    I think this business of Margaret not liking custard is a bit of a myth. Certainly she is famous for not liking \’banana custard\’ – but it was the combination she hated. As far as I know she likes custard – as such! Anyway, we got the custard one as well, so that was all right. I am pretty sure M had no idea what was going on with the waitress anyway.
    Many thanks for dropping me off in Earls Barton (even though it was a bit earlier than I had expected!) – all was redeemed – as it meant I was in time to have a nice evening meal with Janet and her sister Susan  – an unexpected delight.
    Just been viewing the photos – haven\’t they come out well. Congratulations – and thanks

  4. Unknown says:

    Selwyn – I think that if you asked Margaret you would find it isn\’t a myth, but she really doesn\’t like custard – in any shape or form!  She also hates bananas, which is why the joke "favourite pud" that amused Helen and me so much as children was banana custard.
    Yes, the photos are great – thanks to Helen and Malcolm for them.
    Fran x

  5. Helen says:

    I am so glad you both liked the photos.  I was rather pleased with them as they captured the occasion well. I enjoyed taking them when the family were concentrating on other things as that made them more natural.  Malcolm printed them out for Margaret and I sent them to her on Friday, so I hope she likes them.

  6. Mark says:

    Thanks for the enjoyable story of the birthday celebrations.  You tell such a good story, Auntie Helen, that it is like being there.  I also heard a bit from my mum on the phone.  Pleased that Auntie Margaret is feeling better too.  Sounds like the waitress was being quite unreasonable on the custard!  I well remember Auntie Margaret\’s dislike of custard;  I was never that keen on custard as a child and it was always nice to know that there would be no chance of getting offered it at Auntie Margaret\’s.If you have any of the photographs digitally, I\’d love to see some.Sorry to hear about Cathy\’s leg — hope there is good news on that front soon.  Please give her and Beth my love.Love to you all from us allMark

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