A lovely holiday

Hello everyone!  I have enjoyed my few days of holiday spending time with my beloved gardening when the weather was fine.  Yesterday it was wet most of the day so I was able to catch up with cleaning in the house.  Beth also joined us for lunch and we enjoyed seeing her, even though we were unable to sit out in the garden on our new love seat.  We did have a window in the weather, when we could sit on our old garden bench in front of the house chatting and watching the garden activity. 


Today the weather has been better, fine, sunny and rather windy.  We went out to a local garden centre, as it had a closing down sale; however there were few items with money off, but we did renew our supply of fat balls and my beloved spotted a flat feeder to attach to one of our bird feeders.  The birds have already discovered the new feeder, although it still seems to be the starlings which are the greediest.  We were able to enjoy the garden with my beloved enjoying sitting on our new seat to rest in between watering tomatoes and doing odd bits in the garden, replenishing the seed feeders, whilst I had another go at tackling the ground elder.  Ken Cathy’s partner came round this afternoon to put an outdoor junction box near our pond, which will eventually replace the electric power source we have via the shed.  Our shed is decaying so we need to replace it and we need to update the electric connection with the outside, which Ken is preparing ready for his electrician friend to connect.  Ken has made good progress and will soon have it prepared fully.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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2 Responses to A lovely holiday

  1. Unknown says:

    I\’ve decided that the only way I can bear to cope with ground elder is simply to hoe every bit to ground level with either a hoe or a spade. Trying to dig the wretched stuff up is soul-destroying. hoeing etc. is at least immediately effective, and you can do it again and again (indeed you have to) – but my roses are now virtually clear of it, though I do have to hoe more regularly round my dahlias. Describe this love seat, I am intrigued.

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Selwyn
    Yes we have discovered that it is only persistant weeding that keeps the ground elder under control, but it is never obliterated.  Our love seat is two seats on an angle so that the people using it semi face each other with a shelf on two levels between the seats and joining the seats with holes for a parasol, where drinks and or books can be put.  It is very comfortable especially with the cushions we bought with it.

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