A full day of activities

Hello everyone!  I have had a busy and productive day sorting out two sheds.  I had one trip to the tip with extra rubbish.  We have now filled our shed at the bottom of our garden with most of the contents of the shed nearer to the house, as we will be dismantling the shed in readiness for the arrival of a new shed.  We cannot dismantle it until Ken has completed the laying of the electric cable and then had it connected by his electrician friend, as the shed has the electric plug we use in the garden, notably to work the pump in the pond.  He will be coming on Monday to complete the laying of the cable and prepare it for its connection.  The new shed and a tool storage unit are being delivered on Tuesday, so Ken will be preparing a base for the new shed and then putting the shed up for us.  He is very practical and thorough.


Cathy popped in to see us this afternoon and she had been struggling today, as she got a letter from the hospital in Leeds cancelling her appointment on July 8th and replacing it with one on August 12th!!  She thought she would know what options she had in just over a week, but instead she has to wait until August!  She had hoped to be able to tell prospective employers what would be done about her leg, but now she will not know until August!  I just hope something better happens for her soon as she really needs some good news; now she feels that she daren’t look forward to anything good, as her hopes keep on being dashed; she would rather not expect something good so that she will not be disappointed.  I keep praying for something better to happen but she just keeps on getting disappointed.  It is hard sometimes being a Mum, when I cannot make things better for either of my daughters, who I dearly love.  I know we cannot protect them from bad things but I would like something good to happen for them. 


It is lovely relaxing now with my beloved after our efforts this afternoon, as we see highlights from Glastonbury. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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