True beauty is within

Hello everyone!  This morning our service was led by a local preacher, Lesley Simms, who told a story which kept the children riveted!   It was the story of ‘The Ugly Princess’.  Her father dearly loved her and wanted her to be married so that she would not be alone when he died.  He felt no one would love her as she was so ugly, so he advertised for people to come who could make her beautiful, so that she could attract a husband.  Many people suggested what could be done, but she still remained ugly.  The princess had a lovely nature and everyone loved her despite her looks.  One day an old lady with a long nose and pointed chin suggested that a pit should be built and everyone should fill it with milk, so that the princess could swim in it and become beautiful.  After the pit was built and that night all the people came with their jugs of milk to fill the pit, but one person thought that it would be cheaper and less wasteful to bring a  jug of water rather than milk to put in the pit, as no one would notice with so much milk.  The next morning with hope in her heart she went to swim in the pit, only to find that it was full of water!!  Everyone had thought that one jug of water would make no difference, so everyone brought water!  The princess forgave them all, as she was such a lovely person and she did in fact marry a prince, who loved her for her beautiful nature, rather than the outward beauty, which she never had!  It was a lovely story of how much more important the beauty of our nature is than outward beauty.  

During his sermon he drew the attention to the loving nature of Jesus who set us an example of how to love and accept others, which we are to follow.  He chose one of the hymns which so well illustrates his unconditional love for us; ‘There’s a wideness in God’s mercy’ by Frederick William Faber.  My favourite verses are verses 4 and 5;

‘For the love of God is broader

Than the measures of man’s mind;

And the heart of thee Eternal

Is most wonderfully kind.


But we make his love too narrow

By false limits of our own;

And we magnify his strictness

With a zeal he will not own.’


This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.



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