A barbecue to remember with work colleagues

Hello everyone!  On Friday we had the feedback from the inspection by WEA for the computer course and Kath was graded as good!  There was even a favourable comment about the way I helped the students, which was a surprise to me.  I found I could not remember a lot of my computer skills when I was helping the students last Friday, which presented me a number of challenges, when I had to call on Kath’s help; I find that helping students helps me to refresh the skills on the computer, which I do not use in my work.  I find that I do remember when Kath reminds me, so that I will know next time.  It is good to see how much progress most of the students make, despite the challenges some face through illness or low self esteem.  I do enjoy seeing the break through, when they grasp a skill, and their self esteem improves.


Yesterday my beloved was exhausted, but managed to come with me to our staff barbecue at the house of one of our doctor’s.  He managed to rally a little in the excellent company of my colleagues at work and their other halves.  One of the lads of the family, Theo, who is about 14, did not appreciate living in the wonderful house, as it was old!  He also was disturbed by numerous spiders, a squirrel, mice and bats!!  He obviously would have preferred to live in a more modern house, but to our eyes it was lovely!  It is a large old farmhouse with adjoining buildings, numerous House Martins who were busy darting in and out of the eaves feeding their demanding young!  The speed that they flew was magnificent.  In the garden the large willow tree had lost a giant branch, which Theo showed me, chopped up in heaps of wood by him and others.  Lynsey, our doctor’s wife, admitted that she had seen a couple of hedgehogs, since the wood pile had appeared, when Malcolm commented on how a wood pile was excellent for hedgehogs.  She had not realised the reason for the arrival of the hedgehogs!  We enjoyed the locum doctor’s delightful little boy, Tom, who was about three, who enjoyed greeting us and exploring the exciting new environment, after his initial shyness.  Tom was so lovely looking with beautiful curls, his Bob the builder safety helmet and his wellingtons with headlights, and his automotive decorated pyjamas; he had been sick on the way to the barbecue so had to change into them!  He took my beloved to meet his baby brother, Alfie. We even had a small concert by Nick singing Rosalie playing on the keyboard with his 3 stepsons on the drums, guitar, and base guitars.  It was brilliant.  Theo, the youngest, then gave a good demonstration of his guitar skills, whilst his elder brother had some driving practice with his granddad, when they went to collect Tom, Nick’s son from work.  It was a lovely evening.  We suddenly realised that it was 9pm and my beloved was shattered, so we left after I had a sample of some of the sweets that had been brought.  We were soon home and my beloved managed to prepare a curry for today before collapsing exhausted early to bed.  That was the day that the Lord has made and I rejoiced and was glad in it.

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