Sunday Thoughts

Hello everyone!  Here I am again already!  I just wanted to share another few thoughts.  This morning I woke early but felt rather tired and went back to sleep, rather too deeply, so that I woke up with a start at 7.45, which you might not think late, but I like to relax reading in bed with several cups of tea, coming-to slowly on a Sunday morning!  That means I usually wake by 7 and then have longer to ‘chill’ as Cathy would say, before getting in the shower at 8.30, so that I can enjoy a leisurely breakfast before going to worship or leading worship.  When I woke suddenly from a dream, where I seemed to be stuck in a position I could not move from to go somewhere, feeling heavy headed, as though someone had knocked me on the head!  I managed to catch up with myself so that I was downstairs by 9.10 getting my Sunday breakfast of cereal, instead of my usual porridge, fruit juice, a couple of boiled eggs and toast and Marmalade.  All went well until I was pricking the eggs ready to boil them and one of the fresh free range eggs from the tutor at my computer course, broke in my hands, so I hastily rescued it and made a delicious omelette instead!  As I was placing the fruit juice back in the fridge, I spilt some, as I had not secured the lid properly and I spilt milk, as I ate my cereal!  I suddenly remembered that I needed to phone my friend May to check if she was OK to come to church with me, about half an hour after my usual time of calling.  Still all went well after that and the service which I described in my previous blog was excellent.


After the service we went down for coffee and saw the most amazing cake you have ever seen, which Anita, a member of our congregation had made.  She had decorated it with a scroll, a communion cup and plate, and a Bible with a verse reference quoted.  The Bible lay open next to it.  We awaited our minister, who came especially to present a leaving cheque from our chapel, and Keith accordingly cut the cake.  We all had a piece of the fruit cake with a slice of cheese, although it seemed a pity to cut into the magnificent cake.  It was a moving occasion and tonight will be his circuit farewell presentation at the circuit service at our chapel.  He was certainly emotional this morning so I hope he manages through the rest of the day.


I returned home to a delicious lunch of spiced chicken with a hint of Marmalade casserole served with steamed vegetables and my beloved’s delicious roast potatoes!  I had planned on making some tapioca pudding, but being far away this morning, I did not realise that it needed a hour’s soaking in milk, before I could make it!  Consequently we enjoyed our main course and a cup of proper coffee, before I went to complete the preparation of the pudding!  It told me that I would have to simmer it for an hour, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was ready in 15 minutes!  We enjoyed our sweet at 3pm!  While we were having our coffee and our belated sweet we were listening to the hits of July 1960, when my beloved started to join in swinging and singing along with the hits, as it was just when he was leaving school to start work!  He knew all the words and it was great to see his smiling face as he went down memory lane!!  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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2 Responses to Sunday Thoughts

  1. Unknown says:

    Why should anyone choose to eat tapioka pudding? It is revolting – and the ghastly sort of food one was made to eat at school. As I walked down the drive leaving school for the last time, I told myself I would never eat that, or beetroot ever again. a philosophy I have adhered to ever since.

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Selwyn
    I am like father!  l love all puddings and especially tapioca or sago. You will be pleased to know that it is getting harder and harder to find dried ingredients to make into tapioca!!  It is a treat for me and Malcolm, but I would never offer it to you!

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