A week of activity

Hello everyone!  I have had a busy week at work as I have been covering for our secretary who is on holiday, so I have been phoning some people and doing referral letters.  Monday was particularly fraught as the computers went down and I had to ring up the control centre and get it up and running, before we could do any work!  Tuesday was less stressed so I got on with my work quite well, but I am a bit behind with my coding.  On Wednesday I met Beth in town for lunch and did some shopping.    I enjoyed a lie in too.  Thursday was also busy but I did all the referral letters and some coding.  On Friday I helped at the Acorn Centre as usual, which went well. 


On Friday evening our friends Peter and Pamela came to have an evening meal with us.  It was lovely to see them, as they were staying in the West Park in Harrogate.  It was so good to see them.  It was a lovely fine day so we sat and enjoyed some wine in the garden, before enjoying my beloved’s delicious baked salmon, stir fried peppers, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes served with jacket potatoes and a special chocolate torte by Gü for the sweet.  We finished with cheese and biscuits and then relaxed in the garden for a while.  Unfortunately Peter and Pamela had had a horrific journey to see us from Heysham, as it took them an hour to travel 5 miles through Lancaster!  Pam coped well with being late after such a harrowing day.  It has been so hot as well that it has made it difficult for Pamela and my beloved as it has been so close as well.  However it is good to have some summer weather at least for a few days.


On Saturday Phyllis and her friend Ivan came to see us.  We sat in the garden and chatted but I found it rather too hot and felt a little overdone after the heat, as time passed quickly and we had spent 2 hours talking from 11.30 to 1.30 in the heat of the day!!  My beloved was overdone by the heat and had to rest so he was not up to seeing Peter and Pamela, which I felt responsible for, as it had been a stressful week for him and combined with the heat it was all too much.  I also made things difficult as it was Cathy’s best friend Kate’s hen party, so it made it difficult to see Peter and Pamela.  I stayed for about 3 hours at the party with my daughters before returning to relax in the cool with my beloved.  That was the day that the Lord has made and I rejoiced in it.

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