Friday thoughts

Hello everyone!  I have enjoyed today even though I feel tired at the moment and have just had to rest a little.  I don’t think I have done very much, but I need a break, so I am glad that it is bank holiday weekend, especially as I am going to my niece Marie’s wedding to Jon in Ovingham near Newcastle.   I am going with Beth with whom I shall share driving; she has put me on her insurance.  My beloved will potter around here, as it is too far for him to go just for one day.  Beth and I will be returning the same day albeit late, so we will be lying in bed late on Sunday.  I am glad that I will have Monday to recover before returning to work. 


Today I got up in good time to do my weekly shop, but I was later than I had intended so I had to drive to my appointment of 9.30 in town.  I made it with minutes to spare!  I then returned and unpacked the shopping and went with my beloved to the local shops, as I have a month of Fridays off, as the Acorn Centre, where I volunteer is closed for August.  We then drove to Homebase to replenish our dwindling stocks of bird food, as it is one of their days, when there is 10 percent off everything.  We do tend to spend a lot on nurturing our garden birds, as they give us so much pleasure.  My beloved also found a good surge protector he could use with his new computer.  We then came back and had a sandwich lunch, while my beloved set up his new piece of equipment and we generally, to use my daughter Cathy’s expression, ‘chilled out!’  We listened to and enjoyed the afternoon play on the radio, and then we thought we might go for a walk to town, but the sky, which had been given mixed messages seem to tell us that rain would be coming sooner rather than later!  We then took the car down to Comet, as my beloved needed a cable to connect his computer to the surge protector.  Sure enough he found just what he needed, and we bought a few needed items at Waitrose and collected an outfit I had just had cleaned and returned home for a welcome cup of tea.  Then I felt tired and needed to rest for some reason, so I indulged myself by reading my book and relaxing.  A welcome hug from my beloved also helped revive me; somehow he just knows exactly how to make me feel better, even if I don’t know why I feel so shattered.  I still have such a deep warm contentment inside when I am with my beloved; we are so special and complete together; he really is my soul mate.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.


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One Response to Friday thoughts

  1. Malcolm says:

    I heartily endorse the sentiment expressed in the latter part of this posting. The feeling is mutual!

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