Afterwards at the reception

Hello everyone!  After the marriage we set off to walk over the river from Ovingham to walk up to Prudhoe castle.  It was a lovely day fortunately, so it was an enjoyable walk.  I took a few photos en route, so that I could show my beloved where I had been.  It was quite a walk, but Beth and I enjoyed.  My sister drove my step mum Kathleen, Janet and Kate up to the castle.  A coach took the bridal group.  We went through an arch way to where the marquee was set at the side of the castle, where soft and alcoholic drinks were being served.  The wedding service was at 12.30 and we were all up at the castle by 2pm, when my step mum Kathleen told us the meal was to be at 5pm!  I was horrified, as it seemed such a long way away; I had had breakfast of fruit porridge and a 2 egg omelette at 9am and a banana when we arrived just after 11am, but it seemed a long time to wait for food.  There were plenty of soft drinks and alcohol, but I knew we would be driving home later so I did not want any champagne at that point and had apple juice.  I was debating whether to walk down the hill to collect the apple I had left in the car, when canapés started to be distributed, including cones of fish and chips, which I gratefully ate.  However by this time I needed to sit down, so I borrowed a chair from one of the tables and sat down with relief.  It was very hot in the marquee, and I felt a little odd.  My sister Fran said that she had had 4 glasses of water, as she was dehydrated and I realised that could also be my problem, so I went and had soon started to drink a few glasses of water.  I ate further titbits from the canapés but still felt a little strange, so Fran suggested that I might feel better if I had a cereal bar, so we walked together to her car; she was right it did help as did the glasses of water.  I was still very hot and tired as the wait for the meal seemed so long.  We sat down at just after 5pm and drinks and bread rolls were provided and the starter arrived; the courses spread out gradually arrived.  It reminded me of the first family wedding I remember, which was my brother Selwyn to Janet, when in my memory there seemed to be endless time to wait for the different courses of the meal; I was only 11 or 12!  I had a glass of wine with the meal along with several glasses of water as we enjoyed a delicious cheese mousse starter, followed by rack of lamb with vegetables and new potatoes, and as a sweet a delicious rum crème brûlée.  We then had strawberries dipped in epicurus, which was a kind of chocolate with the coffee after the cake had been cut.  The coffee was very welcome.  At 7.30pm we had the speeches, which were very good; David was witty about Marie, as was Jon, her new husband.  The best man also made us laugh and finally they prepared to dance at 9pm, but Beth and I were too tired, so we set off home at 9.15, arriving back at about ll.15pm after I drove Beth’s car most of the way back, even though it was harder for me, as her car is automatic and my left hand desperately felt for the gears and my left foot tried to find the clutch!  Beth found it quite amusing.  It was a relief to be back in my own car today! This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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