Another week has gone

Hello everyone!  I was busy at work this week, as the member of staff who does scanning for me was on holiday, so that I had to code and scan.  I do appreciate just coding and leaving the scanning to her; I then have time to do more summarising of patient notes.  I love working with my colleagues as they are all such good company.  


Recently I have begun to sort out some of the things I have accumulated in the loft; we took a lot of old magazines to recycle and I have begun to sort out some of my worksheets which I used when I was teaching French and German; hopefully they will be useful for revision purposes for any students doing GCSE.  I had not realised how much work I had done for the students, when I was still teaching. 

I have to admit I am much happier and more fulfilled now that I work in a doctor’s surgery.  I am always learning something new and I love it so much, that it is a wrench to leave work at the end of the day.  I always want to finish what I am doing, before I go!  However it is always lovely to come back home to my beloved and relax with him. I am so fortunate to share my life with such a great companion, lover, friend and soul mate; I feel so deeply contented with my life. 


On Wednesday I had my hair done which is always a delightful experience and I went out to Pizza Hut with my best friend Hilary who was lovely as always; we had a good chat.  Today I have done some washing and shopping, and had a walk into town.  After lunch I defrosted our fridge freezer, whilst I listened to the radio, and did some baking too.  I then joined my beloved sitting by the pond relaxing; it has been a mild sometimes sunny day, and I did manage to get my washing almost dry as well.


I am looking forward to see Kate going off to her wedding tomorrow afternoon; she is Cathy’s best friend and like another daughter, as they have been best friends since they were at pre-school together.  My beloved and I will be joining them tomorrow evening for their evening do and we look forward to wishing them well.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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