Our trip to Littlehampton

Hello everyone!  Here I am again with the news from last Monday.  I slept so well on Sunday night that I found it difficult to wake up.  I felt almost drugged with sleep.  I thought it was the effect of the long journey on the previous day and the soporific sea air.  At about 11am we set off to Littlehampton, where Malcolm and Dave’s parents had got married there in October 1940.  We walked along the promenade as the tide was well up and enjoyed the bracing sea breeze.  I was glad of my fleece, which Jan had suggested I might need; my beloved and his brother were happy to walk along in their shirt sleeves.  We stopped for a drink in a café called the Galley as it was full of ship paraphernalia, before walking further along the bay.  We came across the largest number of swans I had ever seen together.   Apparently they often congregated there as it was a strategically good position for being fed, as there was a fish and chip shop across the road.  My beloved and his brother took some lovely pictures of the swans.

We then set off to find the church where their parents had got married.  He and Dave took photos of the attractive joint Methodist URC church.  Malcolm saw the minister and we were shown the inside of the church, but then discovered that it had been originally a URC Church and became joint with the Methodists only in 1980, when the original Methodist Chapel had been closed and demolished.  Then we all realised that Malcolm and Dave’s parents would have got married in the old Methodist Church, as Jack was a lay pastor with the Methodist Church and Annie, his wife to be worshipped at the Methodist church.  Dave will have to look in the Museum there to see if there is a picture of the former Methodist Chapel before it was demolished.  That evening we enjoyed sitting in the garden in the sun, even though it was breezy.  It was such a treat to see the sun after all the rain we have had.  It was so relaxing.

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