Saturday 30th August Activities

Hello everyone!  I have just returned from a week’s holiday in Worthing West Sussex, where we stayed from last Sunday till today.  I have been writing notes whilst I was away so that I can update you all as to what I have been doing.  Last Saturday August 30th I relaxed in bed a little later, although I wanted to be up in good time to finish doing jobs in preparation for going on the holiday.  We had a lot of windfall apples so I decided to make some puddings to freeze.  However I noticed a lot of ripened blackberries in the garden, so I set about picking them.  It was easier said than done as some blackberries were tantalizingly out of reach!  I had to clamber behind our shed and chop down some stems without fruit to reach my prize of blackberries!  The most difficult to reach were high up by our fir tree at the end of the garden, so I put up the ladder, which my beloved held, whilst warning me all the time to be careful!!  Once I had collected all I could reach I made some crumble mixture with half oats/half wholemeal flour with margarine and sugar rubbed into it, for one lot of topping and sponge for the others.  I also began to pack for the journey for myself and my beloved.

At about 4pm my beloved and I walked down the road and my beloved took one or two photos of Kate Ramsey in her wedding dress on her own and with her father, as she set off to marry Luke.  She looked beautiful and her father looked justifiably proud!

My niece Christine and her family are just moving to Harrogate, as her husband Rev. Nicholas Henshall will be taking up his appointment as the Vicar of Christ Church later this month.  The children were to start at a local secondary school last Tuesday and Christine at a different secondary school last Monday.  They had been on holiday the previous week, so each time I tried to contact them, I got no reply.  I still had no reply early Saturday evening so I decided to take some baking, an apple cake, chocolate biscuits, caramel shortbreads and a couple of blackberry and apple puddings to greet them when they arrived, down to a next door neighbour to ask her to deliver them when they arrived.  I left a note to say that they were from their aunty Helen!  The neighbour was quite happy to do that.

At 8pm my beloved and I went over to the Dower House Knaresborough to join Kate and Luke’s evening wedding reception.  However they had not finished their meal and still had speeches to be done!  It was about 9.20pm before the room was being cleared for the disco.  Then they finally cut the splendid cake which had been made and decorated by Luke’s Mum.  Then Kate and Luke had the first dance to ‘Leaving on a Jet plane!’; that was quite poignant for Cathy and Ken as she has just set off today for a week’s trial in Geneva as a nanny with a family.  She will return next Saturday.  Last Monday Cathy had some interviews with families down south, but has yet to hear how the interviews went.  That was the day that the Lord has made and I rejoiced and was glad in it.

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