An evening excursion to a restaurant

Hello everyone!  I continue today with the update on my last week.  Last Thursday the rain was persistent again, so we pottered around reading and relaxing indoors, except for one outing of my beloved and myself to Tesco to purchase a couple of computer magazines on Vista to browse for my beloved to relax with; I find reading novels most relaxing.  We have both been sleeping so well, finding it difficult to wake up in the morning; I certainly also struggled to keep awake in the evening.  However we treated Dave and Jan to a meal in a local Turkish and Mediterranean restaurant, where Dave, Jan and I shared two starters, humus and something dressed in vine leaves, which was an interesting flavour, whilst my beloved had a fish starter.  Dave chose sea bass, Malcolm a fillet of Bream and Jan and I had griddled chicken topped with melted cheese, served with rice, salad and stir fried vegetables. It was lovely and quite filling so we could not manage a sweet, even to share!!  We therefore we completed our meals with normal coffees for Dave and Jan, hot chocolate for me and Turkish coffee for Malcolm.  I tried the Turkish coffee but I did not like it, so I was glad I had chosen chocolate.

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