A delightful meeting last Saturday

Hello everyone!  I continue today to finish the description of the holiday in Worthing.  We have now reached last Saturday.  My beloved woke up groggy and exhausted after I had already eaten breakfast.  He managed a banana and some toast but was obviously shattered so he went back to bed to sleep!  He only emerged again still shattered after 12 and was down when his nephew Colin, his wife Amanda and his great niece Ruby arrived.  Ruby, who will be 4 at the end of October, was wary of my beloved and myself but kept watching us.  Soon her besotted Nan and Grandad were devoting themselves to her every need!  She was thriving on all the attention!  She enjoyed playing with play dough, distributing plates to us, but she did not bring us anything to eat.  She had her own table and chair, which was perfect for her activities.  She also ate her lunch there.  Her interest was soon taken by chocolate buttons her Grandad had ready for her!  A large tin of heroes was the next to grasp her attention.  Her mum, Amanda, admitted that she could eat all the contents of the tin!  She saw it as an Aladdin’s cave of sweets!  Amanda and Colin were very complimentary about my homemade apple cake and caramel shortbread, which I had brought with me.  Ruby also had done some sticking of shapes on paper to make pictures for me and her Grandma; her Nan, Jan, had been collecting a box of exciting things for her make things with.

We gave Ruby her birthday present early as we would not see her at the end of October.  She seemed to like the pony in a bag, and at first gave it made up names, before choosing the name Colin after her Dad!!  She had a go at copying the letters for her name in a wipe clean book, which we had bought her and drawing round some shapes.  By the time she left she looked ready to fall asleep.  We too all felt exhausted, as she had been such a bundle of activity, as there were so many exciting things for her to do.  We were glad to relax and recover that evening.  I look forward to being a granny one day, as I shall be able to spoil the grandchildren, and hand them back at the end of the day.

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