A good weekend of activities

Hello everyone!  Yesterday I was up in good time to take my baking, my beloved’s poetry and paintings folders and his own design notelets to the coffee morning to raise money for M.E. research.  It was well attended and we raised £92 at the coffee morning with a bit more to come, if I sell the remaining items of my beloved.  I have banked the first amount ready to send a cheque to the research organisation ME Research UK.  My beloved came to the coffee morning at first but soon had to return home to rest, as he needs to rest in the morning, and he was leaving the house, having showered just after 9.30am, as it was in aid of his charity.  I understand so much more about the illness since I have seen how it has affected my beloved.  He has made great progress but he still has to accept his limitations, which can be very frustrating at times, especially as he longs to be able to do more than he can.  In fact on a good day he has to be careful not to overdo it as he loves to do things when he feels more energetic.  If he does get carried away and overdoes it then he will be knocked out in the next few days and probably suffer a setback, until he allows himself to recover enough to resume activities.  He will then need to pace himself better so that he avoids a further setback. 


Today was Overseas Missions Sunday and the service was led by Dorothy Parish, who was a missionary nurse in Ghana in the late 1970’s with her husband Philip, when they set up a clinic to treat poor people who lived by an isolated lake in the country.  This year they returned to Ghana with a team of people to rebuild the clinic, build two hospital wards with bathrooms and a doctor’s house and further facilities over a 2 week period from the end of July.  Though the project turned out to be bigger than they expected they did complete the work and had fortunately brought more money than had originally been suggested.  Unfortunately the couple, an American Methodist minister Andrew Jernigan and his wife Jan have been unable to stay.  Andrew has completed the rebuilding and refurbishment work but his Brazilian wife Jan who is a doctor has not been granted a licence to practise as a doctor there, so they are returning to America to see where God will want them to serve next.  It was fascinating to see the photos of the building work in progress, and see photos of the local children, who loved to have their photos taken and see what they looked like in the photos.  They had also received enough money to dig 4 wells to bring clean water to 4 villages, so they looked for villages which could benefit.  At one village they got given a sheep to take home to England!   They cooked it to feed all the people at the clinic and those building it, rather than taking it back to England. Dorothy told us that they felt aghast at the suggestion!  For a children’s address they taught us a chorus, with the children playing instruments, and dancing round the church; at least the girls danced but the boys rushed back to their mums!!  It was sung in English and the language of Ghana.  It was a memorable children’s address. 

Now I am relaxing now with my beloved and enjoying a glass of wine and watching TV after spending over an hour and a half tidying up in the garden this afternoon.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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