A lovely Surprise

Hello everyone!  I just remembered to tell you the good news we had on Tuesday, when we heard we had won the lucky program at the Oatlands Pre-School Community GalaFun Day on July 5th.  We did not hear until now as the leader did not know our phone number, so it gave us a lovely surprise.  We are going to enjoy a meal at Brios, as we have a £20 voucher for a meal!  It is something we both enjoy doing.  It is more useful than the large soft toy hippo I won years ago at the first school I taught in!!  We have not eaten there before, so we look forward to trying it.  Such a  surprise was well worth waiting for.
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4 Responses to A lovely Surprise

  1. Steven says:

    Nice things come in three\’s so two more to come well done

  2. Unknown says:

    Do you know – I remember the hippo like it was yesterday. For some reason I was actually at that event with you.

  3. Helen says:

    Hi Selwyn I am glad you do remember the hippo.  It was at King James School where I was first teaching.

  4. Helen says:

    Hi Steven.
    That would be a surprise if I did win again!  Thanks for visiting my blog.

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