We are all important people in God’s eyes

Hello everyone!  It has been another lovely sunny and warm day, an Indian summer at last!  We had a back to Church Sunday and Harvest Festival today, which was uplifting.  It was lovely to welcome a few new faces to our service.  As always we began our service with the lighting of the peace candle and a prayer for peace.  Our minister introduced himself and the readers, our new deacon and made everyone feel at ease.  He made sure no one would feel at a loss, or embarrassed if they did not have any collection.   David Hunt our new deacon led the children’s address, which was just as appropriate for us adults.  He asked if there were any important people in the congregation and no one said they were.  David told us that by proxy he was important by association with a man who had received an MBE.  He asked us if there were any other people who could be important by their association with someone famous.  Now people were more ready to contribute; some who had met the Queen, one whose daughter had been to a garden party at Buckingham Palace, a child who had said hello to Prince Charles and others who had had some connection with royalty.  David then told us we were all V.I.P.s (Very Important People) whether we had any claim to fame or not.  Each of us is important to God in our own right.  He handed out some VIP balloons. 

Shaun our minister gave us all cards with a modern depiction of the feeding of the 5000, as he was preaching on how Jesus met their need despite needing to rest and pray with his father.  He asked us to ask those around who we thought we would be like in the crowd.  Two people felt they would be on the edge of the crowd, two would be near the kettle and others would be serving the rest.  It was fascinating to see the different reactions.  Everyone in the church felt included and welcome, I felt.  Afterwards everyone was invited to tea or coffee and cake, usually it is biscuits, but today cake was provided as it was harvest.  There was also a Traidcraft stall to promote fair trade, which is usually held the first Sunday of the month.  I hope the visitors found us welcoming and friendly, which we always are. 


This afternoon it was so lovely that we had our coffee after lunch in the garden, and then I was suddenly energised to do some more tidying up in the garden.  While we were relaxing after lunch the house sparrows were chirping away in the bushes; it was a real treat!  Best of all was to share my time with my beloved in the garden and now this evening we are relaxing together, which is perfect for me!  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it. 

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2 Responses to We are all important people in God’s eyes

  1. Steven says:

    Having completed the universe in six days God blessed the seventh as a day of rest.   may have got that right 100 percent but its near enough Helen
    God Bless Steve x

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Steven
    I love Sundays as I know it is a day of rest from the normal busy life I lead.  I love the time of fellowship at our chapel.  A day of rest is vital for me.

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