Learning how to communicate more succinctly

Hello everyone!  Today I have learnt that I can do too much!  Well, you may say, don’t I know that already?  Of course I do, but I need to remember and learn from it.  I led a service this morning, but my service lasted longer than the hour.  Why?  I always prepare well, but I prepare too much and tend to get carried away by the message as I preach or do the children’s address.  I need somehow to be more aware of the passage of time and curtail the sermon, so that the service is well balanced.  I only looked at my watch after I had finished my sermon and realised that I had run out of time.  I then went as quickly as possible through the intercessions, the offering and the closing hymn. 

When I start to prepare a sermon I don’t think I have many illustrations, but when I get started it is often longer than I intend.  I do not have the same gifts that my beloved has, as he can be so succinct in what he says, yet say it so well.  I just tend to ramble when I write or speak, especially when my enthusiasm takes over.  When Freda told me I repeated myself, when I could have made it more succinct to make the points better, I felt upset that I had not preached in a way that helped people learn more of Jesus; I let my enthusiasm carry me away.  I felt I had let people down, even though Freda had not wanted to upset me; she had been concerned that I wore myself out more than I need have done, but I have taken note of her kind advice.


 My beloved has helped me so much this afternoon, by letting me rest and relax in the sun in the garden with him after lunch, whilst I read a novel.  On a short walk we went on in the balmy summery warmth of the afternoon, I was able to ask for his advice and he has helped me know how to limit my sermon and keep a track on the time, so I can stop before I go too long over time.  My beloved always has such good sense, but he is also caring.  He helped me stop and rest which I needed to do on the lovely sunny afternoon we had.  I am blessed with a forgiving Father in Heaven, who knows I mean well and loves me for who I am and my lovely understanding caring and loving husband, who looks after me and helps me look after myself.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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2 Responses to Learning how to communicate more succinctly

  1. Steven says:

    Sorry to see your sermon didn\’t quite go to plan Helen I supose you could always make you next one shorter.
    I like poetry that is very short if it drags on I also tend to switch off.
    I love little sayings and quips here are a few that may make you smile.
    A sunday school teacher asked the children "Who is God"
    A little boy stood up and said "I think he saved the Queen"
    Every time I pass a church
    I pay a little visit
    So when at last my time has come
    The Lord wont say Who is it.
    Have a nice evening you cant put a time on a sermon
    Steve :o)  

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Steven
    Thanks for your comments. They are much appreciated.  I am rather a rambler when I start talking or preaching, so I will try not to put too much into my next sermon.  Malcolm always is far more succinct than me, which is what makes him a gifted poet.  When he does his blogs they are often funny and always have important messages to convey, whereas mine are usually quite ordinary thoughts on my life.

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