Up and Downs of Life

Hello everyone!  I had a busy week last week at work and with evening meetings.  There was a meeting of the Church Executive on Monday evening, which I left at 9pm, when it was nearly finished, as I felt tired all week.  I was in on Tuesday evening but I had a meeting on Wednesday to which we invited people from the locality to our chapel, to see if anyone would be interested in a partnership with our chapel in its use as a town centre facility or resource for the local community and for the use of other groups of faith or not.   We hope we shall have some financial partners or we shall have to put it in the hands of developers, who would have to develop it in keeping with its grade 2 Status as a building.  Any changes have to be passed, before we can make them, when we just want the building to have a more flexible area to use; we want to remove pews to replace with seats and to remove the dominant pulpit.  We also want a more prominent and welcoming entrance to the chapel and its rooms, as our main entrance is not always open; access to meetings is often from the side of the chapel and it is not clearly visible for those coming for the first time.  We also hope to have an area to the left of the chapel, open to the public and have the entrance to the rooms and worship space from there.  It will make the chapel much more of a town centre resource, which we would really like.


On Wednesday morning Beth came over to join me and we went for a drink and cake in a new local café called Café Culture, which is run by a couple who are friends of ours and they are members at St Mark’s Church.  They hope it will provide a friendly space for people to relax in and chat if necessary.  The homemade cakes and scones are delicious and all other products are fair trade, including the wide variety of coffees or teas available.


On Wednesday evening my beloved suddenly began to feel very unwell and nauseous and at about 5am after a restless, sleepless night, he was finally very sick.  He was then able to rest, but had no desire to eat or even drink.  I was unfortunately at work on Thursday, but I rang him at lunchtime when he was about to get up.  He was exhausted when I got home and had not eaten; I did manage to get him to have a boiled egg and toast, which seemed to settle him and he had a better night on Thursday.  He felt like eating more on Friday, but only little bits and was not drinking very much.  On Saturday he woke up and seemed to be recovered; he was hungrier and ate more and managed to drink a bit more, but by the end of the day he was absolutely shattered and his stomach was uncomfortable again.  He had a bad night last night and has eaten and drunk very little, in fact nothing till I came back from church.  It is obviously going to take a while for him to be properly better.  At least I have taken a few days off next week, so I can look after him better.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.



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One Response to Up and Downs of Life

  1. Steven says:

    Hope its just a 24 hour virus ….. remember if its not better go to a doctor.
    Steve x

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