Saturday update and X Factor Thoughts

Hello everyone!  I have had a busy week at work, but I am feeling less tired than I was, although I am still concerned about my beloved’s health.


It was good to see Mariah Carey perform on the X Factor tonight; she has an excellent vocal quality.  Eoghan gave his best performance tonight much to our surprise.  Ruth did not thrill me.  We were disappointed by Laura’s performance tonight, even though she has such a good voice.  Rachel’s performance was excellent and she meant every word; she has such talent.  My beloved is rightly annoyed that Diana has been allowed to stay in the competition, even though she cannot sing, as someone has to leave the competition each week.  He said that it should mean that this week no one should leave the competition, but that next week two should leave; however they would not make any money if Diana left the competition today, as there would be no phone voting!!  It is not generosity of the X Factor to keep Diana in, as they would lose so much money without the phone voting!!  Daniel’s performance was average to me; I think he should leave or Ruth, but it could be Rachel, which I think would be sad.  Alexander’s performance was the best of them all tonight; she really does have the X Factor.


Today I took some of my homemade biscuits to two coffee mornings, as we were having one in aid of care of those suffering with mental health problems in Nigeria, which is our chapel charity at Wesley and the other was in aid of the blind at my former chapel; although our chapel has now closed we still meet monthly for coffee mornings to raise money for different charities.  I have been blessed by all those I knew at Oatlands Chapel, who were such a support to me and it is good to see them as I preach round the circuit and whenever we meet for coffee.  I am now blessed with the fellowship and support I have from my new fellowship at Wesley Chapel. 


My beloved and I popped in to see Beth and give her some support as she has been knocked low with a virus.  She is still feeling tired, but she is picking up a little; I hope she will soon know whether Mahmood will be allowed to come to work in this country.  I am relieved that Cathy is settled in happily in Geneva with her family and that Ken is busy working, so their financial problems will gradually get sorted I hope; they certainly make loads of effort to pay off their debts.  I am now relaxing with my beloved, which is the best place to be.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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