X Factor Thoughts

Hello everyone!  Now it is the X Factor performance.  Daniel is singing ‘It’s not unusual’ and he did sing well.  I still don’t think he should be in the competition though.  Seeing him with his baby daughter is just to tug at people’s heart strings! 

Alexandra was excellent; what a performance and what a voice!  She is such a lovely person and I do hope she stays in the competition; it is watching her performances, which makes it worth still watching the show.  I am disappointed that Laura left the show instead of Ruth. 

JLS are taking me down memory lane with their version of the Beatles Medley, which I enjoyed, as I love the songs.  My beloved did not think that it was a great version, so average he said.  I know he was right.

I loved Rachel’s performance tonight.  I did not agree with Louis.  I agreed with the other judges’ comments.  She has gone up in my estimation as she is still looking after her children, and not living in the X Factor House; I really do take my hat off to her.  She definitely has the X Factor, as far as I am concerned. 

Eoghan sang a song I don’t know, which he apparently sang very well.  It seemed alright.  He is obviously very much missing his family.

Diana’s performance was not at all good; she couldn’t sing tonight and she really went to pieces.  I think she deserves to leave the competition, even if she is not well at the moment; if she is to become a singer she will need more stamina, and be able to perform no matter how ill she is.

I don’t like Ruth’s rendering of ‘Angels’; it seems an odd choice for her.  I did not agree with any of the judges’ comments; they must hear and see something I don’t. 

Overall my favourite performances were Alexandra and Rachel.  They certainly deserve to be in the competition. 

I am enjoying watching with my beloved and relaxing with him.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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One Response to X Factor Thoughts

  1. Steven says:

    I liked Daniels song and I think Simon was going to give him a chance but got heckled from the back.
    He has a wonderful smile and looked genuine to me although he shouldnt have dyed his hair red eeek.
    Cant stand Diana,s voilce but my daughter loves it eeeeek !!!
              Steve x

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