God values us for who we are

Hello everyone!  The young minister from Starbeck Nick Witham led the service.  We had a good sing, as he had chosen really good hymns such as ‘To God be the glory’, ‘He’s got the whole world in his hands’, ‘All for Jesus – all for Jesus’ and concluding with ‘Lord thy church is seeking’.  It really enables me to worship when we sing well known hymns.  His children’s address was excellent.  He borrowed a £10 note from a member of our congregation and asked for a child to volunteer to be his assistant. He asked Lucy how much the £10 note was worth and of course she replied £10. She was told to screw up the note, which she did almost reluctantly.  Nick then opened it up again and although it was crumpled he ascertained from us if it had lost any of its value and we all agreed that it was still worth £10!  He then asked for a second volunteer and this time Thomas was eager to help.  He was told to screw up the £10 note and throw it on the floor and then stamp on it.  His face was a picture as he obviously felt unsure and yet as though he could not believe his luck!!  When the note was retrieved we all agreed again that the note was still worth £10!  Nick then told us that we were valuable in God’s sight and our value in God’s eyes would stay the same even if we had screwed up our lives and felt as though we had been stamped on.  God’s love would be there to pick us up and straighten us out and start us back on the right way.  I am sure the children would remember this message from such a graphic message.


Before and after lunch I spent some time in the garden chopping back some bushes, which were growing rather too proficiently.  It was very satisfying.  We are now relaxing and listening to the radio.  My beloved made delicious spicy chicken casserole with his special roast potatoes.  He seems at last to be enjoying food more, as he has never picked up from his attack of gastroenteritis.  I always love his meals, but I felt saddened that he could not enjoy them as much as I did.  I do enjoy spending my life with him as he makes me complete.  This is the day that the Lord has made and  I rejoice and am glad in it.

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