Life’s struggles and joys

Hello everyone!  Winter seems to have come now.  It has been a bright, clear cold sunny day and I enjoyed a trip into town to take a couple of cakes to the coffee morning at our chapel this morning.  I drove down today as I was rather late getting ready to go and did not want to arrive too late to give any contributions.  It was supporting Brazilian children and there was also a fair-trade store.  I arrived at about 11am, handed the cakes in, and then went back to the car to check if I had put a parking disc out; I just could not remember if I had done that, but I found I had put it out!!  I don’t know I never seem as awake as I think in the morning!!  I browsed the items on sale at the coffee morning and stopped for a piece of cake and a cup of coffee.


I did not want to stay too long, as my beloved is still not very well.  He is extra shattered at the moment, and he easily drops to sleep during the day, as this helps him forget the constant pain he is in; I am concerned that he is not so well at the moment, as his appetite is reduced and he finds the taste of the food disappointing.  He has not smoked now since October 15th as he just could not face smoking then.  Although he has been tempted he has so far not begun again; maybe his health has deteriorated because of that or maybe the more acute pain is affecting his appetite and sense of well being.  I shall take him back to the doctor on Wednesday if there is no more improvement by then.


Yesterday evening we took my best friend Hilary and her husband Les out for a meal to celebrate her 60th birthday last Wednesday.  We enjoyed the meal at the Table Table Restaurant, which was formerly Brewer’s Fayre.  We had a lovely secluded table and good laugh and chat, as we enjoyed the meal.  I was relieved that my beloved could join us, but I think he is paying for the outing now, as he is feeling even more shattered today.  He enjoyed seeing them, but he was then extra exhausted afterwards, yet as usual he could not sleep well last night.  I too was wide awake early.  Of course I realise that my beloved is snacking more; maybe snacks suit him better than a larger meal.  I love to share my life with him and I am glad to relax with him this evening.


This afternoon Beth popped in  to collect her game of Solitaire, which she could not find in the confusion of the loft, as she has decided to play it again after playing it at Christine and Nicholas’s last Sunday, when she had lunch with them.  It was good to see her.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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