Help us to love others as Jesus did

Hello everyone!  Our preacher this morning, Tim Simms, gave an outstanding address this morning after a brilliant children’s address.  For his children’s address he came to introduce himself to each of the children and discover their names.  He then asked Thomas if he were brave enough to help him with his children’s address.  He agreed to come and he had to stand on one of the pews.  He then asked him if he thought he was strong and Thomas shook his head!!  Three times he asked him only to receive the same answer!!  He then asked him if he would jump and he would catch him; he would count to 3 and then he was to jump.  The first time he was unsure but spread his arms out and jumped and was caught easily by Tim. Tim moved further away and Thomas jumped again and was safely caught.  Once more he was asked if he would jump further this time after the count of 3, but before he did this Tim asked him if he wanted to do it and Thomas shook his head.  However he did jump again to great applause and as on the previous 2 occasions he was safely caught by Tim. Tim then asked him which jump was the easiest and he said the last one!  Of course by that time he knew Tim had caught him safely twice and he knew he would catch him on the third occasion!  Tim then explained that Faith or trust was like a leap into the unknown, when you had to trust you would be caught.  Jesus would be there to catch us and be our friend.


He then talked in the sermon of how we were to serve others in need, visit the sick, and those in prison, as we help others in this way, as we are serving Jesus as we do.  We are not to be judgemental of others but love others and by our example of love, care and acceptance of those we meet, we will draw them to the love and accepting forgiveness of God.  Jesus showed us that example in his love and acceptance of those who strayed from God’s way and the way he welcomed them back into the fold.  May we love others into the welcoming forgiving arms of the Father?  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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