X Factor Thoughts

Hello everyone!  Yesterday evening we watched the X Factor and I made a note of a few thoughts on the acts.  I will write them down now.  The show was opened with a lot of hype for Take That who gave a good performance.  Our favourite act is Alexandra and she came up to expectations and gave a very good performance; she really has the X Factor in my opinion.


Take That made excellent, helpful comments to each of the finalists; they warned bubbly Alexandra not to talk too much.  They told Ruth that she needed to control her powerful voice more, which she did, although I was still not as enthused by her performance as the judges seemed to be. 


JLS’ main vocalist performed better this week, but they did not seem to perform as well as a group.  We learnt that they had only had 24 hours to practice, as at the last minute there had been a mix up over the song choice.  They had prepared a different song earlier.  However I have never seen them perform as well in the live show as they did in the auditions.


Rachel’s quality of voice came through and she gave a good performance.  She really has struck me throughout this series in the way she has learnt from the helpful comments of the judges. 


I was not as impressed by Diana’s performance as the judges and the public obviously were; in fact I could hear the backing singers more than I could hear her.  She seems to have such great popularity for her quirkiness and looks, although I do not rate her talent as much as other acts.


Eoghan Quigg gave a fitting and good performance as the final act.  He certainly seems to rise to the occasion.


It was good to see Same Difference back and they performed just as well as they always did, although they were never my favourite act last year.  It was interesting how Louis ate humble pie and admitted that they had performed well, after all the negative comments he had made about them last year.


The treat for me of the evening was to see Rhydian’s performance of the title song of his debut album, which will be available to buy tomorrow.  I loved his performance and I can’t wait to hear the whole album.  In fact I have asked my beloved to buy it tomorrow.  We still enjoy tracks we recorded from Rhydian’s performances in the show last year; I do hope his album sells well, as he has such talent.


I was not surprised to see which two were in the bottom 2 last night, but I felt sorry that Rachel had to leave, as we both felt she gave her best performance at the end of the show.  It was an enjoyable show.

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