Alexandra truly has the X Factor

Hello everyone!  I am now doing my weekly update on my thoughts on the X Factor Show last night.  Ruth gave an excellent performance last night; I did not remember the song done by Britney Spears.  I must admit that her performance has consistently improved since Gary of ‘Take That’ advised her not to shout.  My beloved said that it was a proper Rock Chick performance and I agree but the public obviously did not, as she had to leave the show last night.  I suppose she went out on a high, which is the best way to go.  Her second performance was also excellent; it was very emotional and it showed her determination and the effort she put into improving her performance in the weeks she has been in the show.


JLS chose the song, which my beloved had thought they would do best by Britney Spears; ‘Hit me Baby, one more time’.  It was their best performance as far as I was concerned, although my beloved correctly commented that it was a sexless performance!  Simon picked that up, when he said that it was a ‘limp’ performance.  Although Simon preferred the second performance my beloved and I found it boring, lacking inspiration or real feeling.  They were saved for another week by the public.


Alexandra, like Rhydian last year, gets better each week as she performs.  She really gave an excellent performance.  It was telling to us, when Simon Cowell said that she should be a finalist, if the show was based on talent rather than popularity!  He described her performance as outstanding, not just in a talent contest, but that it would be considered outstanding in any context of a performance!  I totally agree with him.  She is the only one in this year’s show, who I consider has the X Factor.  Our reaction to her second performance was as equally enthusiastic as the judges, who rightly gave her a standing ovation.  Not only is she an extremely talented performer, but she is a lovely natured person as well.  If there were any justice she would be the winner of X Factor, but after last year’s win by Leon, when Rhydian should have won, it will probably not be her.  She certainly deserves to be in the final, but it all depends on the public vote!


In our opinion Eoghan did not perform as well with his first song this week.  He has such a small voice that even in the second song, where he performed better his voice seemed at times lost behind the backing singers. 


Diana seemed very nervous and did not impress us again, yet she seems to have this popular following, which I do not understand.  Simon even considered her to be in danger of leaving the show after her first performance.  I cannot understand how she can still be in the show, as she cannot even sing, and does not try and dance or even want to.  Her final performance murdered the wonderful song, ‘Everybody hurts!’ by REM; my beloved and I both felt she should have been leaving the show last night after her performances, but obviously the public love her for some inconceivable reason! 


Alexandra and Ruth gave the best performances last night and yet Ruth had to leave; I just do not understand why!!

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