Help us preachers to be clear and succinct in our preaching!

Hello everyone!  Today the weather is glorious, freezing and sunny; I enjoyed my walk down to church this morning, as May, the lady I usually take to church, was going out with her granddaughter, as it is her birthday today.  The preacher this morning has just been accredited as a local preacher, but he still has not learnt the art of preaching without reading the text.  He is very text bound, even to the extent of stumbling over his words and losing his place in the text.  I do always type my sermon out but I very rarely stick exactly to the text I have written down; I now tend to prepare a shorter sermon so that if something comes to mind as I preach I can add it in without making the sermon too long.  He could have preached a hundred sermons with the amount of material he covered in his sermon!  The trouble was that I lost concentration and therefore the train of his thought, of looking forward in this time of Advent preparation to Christmas; and preparing ourselves for the second coming of Jesus.  What struck us all was the repeated refrain in his sermon that we keep awake ready to meet with Jesus!  We certainly understood about trying to keep awake!!  If he could have selected his material more we would not have felt bamboozled by a battery of information, and it would have made a greater impact on us.


The children, whose eldest age is 8, did not understand the terminology of the story he told them, especially when he asked them if they would like to ‘partake’ in the story; they did not know what he meant!!  It would be much better if he could understand the difference between written and spoken language; he writes a learned essay without wording it in everyday spoken language, which makes it difficult for us listening to him to follow the points he is wanting to put across.  He obviously does a lot of research for his services, but needs to select more from his material, so that the congregation are not overwhelmed by the information in the sermon.  I am still so glad that Freda, my friend, advised me about reducing what I included in the sermon, so that I did not overload the congregation with information.  I find it easier now to focus as I prepare a service.  He does have a good clear voice and projects well.  He just has my tendency to give too much information; I admire my husband who is much more succinct in what he says, and he expresses it so well.  I always tend to ramble on and elaborate; my beloved is much more skilled at expressing his feelings, and including an element of humour.  I just pray that this morning’s preacher learns how to reduce the length of his sermons so that he put his message over more clearly; there is no doubt of his sincerity and faith. 


I am now relaxing with my beloved, warm and cosy in our backroom by a flickering fire, having watched a glorious red sunset.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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2 Responses to Help us preachers to be clear and succinct in our preaching!

  1. Steven says:

    Hi Helen,
                 I do enjoy your blogs as they are about the church and life I guess.
    Last weeks sermon was good and this one not so good. I think public speaking can\’t be easy and it must be dificult to get the congregation to fully understand what you are preaching.
    I some times had to give talks and can remember having to use a projecr and a pc thingy well I hadnt used it before and in front of 25 people I started into the presentation.
    All went well untill I hit a back space and wham the screen went black eeeeeek.
    No ones perfect I guess and if we can see ourself as others see us might be a shock at times I guess lol.
    Well in Scotland it has been very Foggy like a Sherloch Holms Film lol.
    Freezing Cold I watched the program "Coast" and it was in Arran and the ayrshire coast close to where I stay.
    Christmas is coming yipeeeeee hope your weeks a good one
    Steve x    

  2. Unknown says:

    Of course, if we want to, we can get something out of any message that is from the Word of God. But you are right, it would be good if we preachers could learn to preach so the youngest can comprehend it (most adults would even appreciate this) and keep it short.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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