A failed attempt to get to work

Hello everyone!  I had a day at home today after a hazardous journey, trying to get to work through the heavy snow!  I left home at about 7.40 and crawled slowly to Hookstone Road, and onto Wetherby Road, but no further; nothing moved ahead so I couldn’t move either, until some cars ahead turned round and came back up Wetherby Road.  I found that the car kept swerving as I slowed down following the cars and I saw an immobile queue ahead, so having reached Sainsbury’s, I turned back and crawled slowly back up the hill.  Some people had to push cars which had got stuck.  Eventually I made my way back onto Hookstone Road, where the traffic was moving more easily and turned into Oatlands Drive, where again I could actually make progress to Knaresborough Road, Leeds Road and back home again.  Then I had problems again as I could not get the car into my drive!  I made several attempts until a lady across the road, a gentleman walking down the road with a pushchair and my friend John from down the road came to my assistant.  Then I was still not able to get the car in, when John, bless him, drove it into the drive for me!  I was so relieved that I gave him a big hug and thanked all the others who had pushed.  I found that I was shaking and my beloved just held me until I had calmed down, after I had phoned work and explained that I could get out of Harrogate!  I still felt guilty yet also relieved that I had been able to get back without being involved in damaging the car or myself.  The only good thing was coming home and being held by my beloved and feeling safe again.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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2 Responses to A failed attempt to get to work

  1. Steven says:

    Well done Helen …… better safe than sorry ……….. you tried and no work could ask for more.where we live in Scotland we were meant to get 10 inches of snow.Thank the Lord they got it wrong and we only had the last of the ice thawing plus some rain.Kids got to school safe and sound and I had a special day and took my father for lunch.Hope things go better tomorrow ……….remember if they dont play safe and stay at homeStevie x

  2. Helen says:

    Hi StevenThank you for your support. I do not work on a Friday, so I did not have to drive, but today the roads were clear, so there would not have been a problem. Now the snow has now all gone now anyway; it had just snowed so much and too many people tried to get work early, so the gritter could not get through!

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