Panic took over but all was well in the end

Hello everyone!  This morning was chaos here.  Everything went wrong!  At least it started OK, but began to go wrong when I got stressed.  First of all I wanted to get a Christmas parcel posted today, as it is hard for my beloved, when he has to stand in a long queue and that is when it started to go wrong for us today.  My beloved wanted to put an explanation of what the gift was in with the parcel, which he had designed last night but not yet printed.  You would have thought that would be simple; but no such luck!  He could not get his laptop to connect to the printer and it just kept freezing; he then tried on his computer upstairs and again had no luck; finally he tried on my laptop and success at last!  How long did that take, you may well ask?  Well, it took an hour and a half!!  Then I was rushing to parcel it up, while my beloved finally had the shower he had been about to take, before he tried to print the description of the parcel contents!  All went well until I could not find the string to make the parcel secure!  By that time I was getting really stressed and felt I was going to make my beloved go back to smoking, as I was having a panic attack, which would not help.  Anyway I then needed to go and pick May up, as we were having a meal at our former chapel with friends from there, so the parcel would have to wait till next Wednesday, I thought, as it would not be able to go today. 


When we arrived at the meal, having dropped May earlier at the chapel, there were only two places left at tables at the opposite sides of the room from each other.  I still felt stressed and my beloved said that he could go back, and I found myself panicking again!  Sheila, one of my friends, called me and put her arm round me to calm me down and the place was moved to the other table, so we could sit together and the day improved at last.  We enjoyed shepherd’s pie and profiteroles, concluding with coffee or tea and mints and a good chat.  By the end I was feeling better and more relaxed when we took May back to her flat.  Once home I went to the Post Office to buy some more string to get the parcels ready to post, and to my relief I found the Post Office counter was open this afternoon, so I could take the parcels to get them ready to post on Monday!  What had been the point of my stressing myself out, when I had managed to get the parcels to the Post Office after all!!  I think I must learn to ‘chill out’ as my daughter Cathy would say!  All’s well that ends well!  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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