An excellent Semi Final of the X Factor

Hello everyone!  Yesterday I forgot to add to my details of yesterdays stresses that I missed out the sheet of paper describing the Christmas gift out of one of the parcels, so all my beloved’s efforts were in vain.  I could not face opening the parcel so I put the missing sheet of paper in a Christmas card, which I sent ahead of the parcel!!  What  a day it was yesterday!


Last night we were watching the X Factor show and recording it for Cathy, so she can see it in Switzerland and not feel so far from home. These are some of the thoughts I scribbled down as we watched the semi final. Eoghan’s opening performance was his best performance in our opinion; he actually seemed to be singing out louder and well; the type of music suited him best.

I had to admit that Diane’s performance was better without the artificially quirky vowel mangling, as my beloved said.  I still don’t think she deserved to be in the final, as her singing has mostly been poor. 

Alexandra’s performance was excellent, as we have grown to expect.

JLS did not perform as well as the others with the first song.

Eoghan’s second performance was also very good and he deserved a place in the final next week.

Diane’s second performance went back to her quirkiness but as usual I hated it.  She always seemed so false and affected in her behaviour to me, so it was the best decision to my beloved and me, that she left the competition last night.  Finally the public seem to be voting for talent, which is what the whole competition should be about.

Alexandra, as she has all the way through the competition, deserves to win, although I was worried by the judges’ comments, as they seemed to think she could have left the competition last night.  Her portrayal of the lovely ballad, ‘Unbreak my Heart’ was outstanding; I agreed with Cheryl’s comments that if there were any justice in the world Alexandra deserved to be in the final.  She deserves to win, as in my opinion she has the X Factor!  JLS’ second performance was better with good harmonies, in fact it was their best performance, so they deserved a place in the final too. 

The excellent performance by ‘Il Divo’ completed the very good semi final show.  

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