Alexandra has won! Brilliant!

Hello everyone!  Here I am again, but I just have to write down my comments on the X Factor final; it was a great show.  Eoghan gave an average performance of ‘I wish it could be Christmas every day!’  It did seem a little flat to us.  We noticed that Simon did not praise his performance.  Eoghan’s second performance with Boyzone was better, but I found his performance of his favourite song not so good, although he is certainly confident.


JLS gave a very good performance of their Christmas song; it was the lead singer’s best performance in the show.  They had very good harmonies.  I agreed with all Simon’s comments about their attitude, how lovely they are and that Louis had chosen the perfect song for them.  JLS performed their second song very well; it was spoilt by the arrival of Westlife, but JLS showed how much better they could perform than Westlife!  They started their second song quietly, but their harmonies were very good, better than their first performance of the song; it was a passionate performance.


Alexandra’s performance of the ‘Silent Night’ sent shudders down our spines.  It was a brilliant performance. Simon said that it was an outstanding performance by any standard.  When she sang her duet with Beyonce she was amazing; I wrote ‘Wow, what a performance! – she definitely has the X Factor for me, whoever wins, well she is world class!  She is really lovely, humble and talented; a real star.  She sang her third song, ‘You are so beautiful’ amazingly; it was a fantastic performance.  She really is a super star and took the song to a different level.  Simon predicted that a star was born tonight; he said that there is something special about her.  I agree totally.


We were both so thrilled that Eoghan went out in the results program and felt that JLS and Alexander deserved to be in the final round.  JLS gave an excellent performance of ‘Hallelujah’. It was Aston, the lead singer’s vocals were excellent.  We felt it was his most impressive performance.  Aston’s comment was that it gave him the best feeling that he had ever had when he sang it. 

Alexandra! Wow! It was an unbelievable performance and we were still tingling and shaking after her performance. She sang with so much power and feeling. What a wonderful performance. It was the best result that Alexandra has won the X Factor. It was brilliant and we will definitely be buying her single, ‘Hallelujah’.  What a great evening!

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2 Responses to Alexandra has won! Brilliant!

  1. Steven says:

    Alexandra\’s constant bubbling at the end of the show was toe curling lol she was the best of the bunch though.

  2. Helen says:

    Hi StevenI agree that she did rather over react, but she just could not believe she had actually won! She almost did not seem to think she was worthy of such a prize. After all she had worked so long to return to X Factor and she does not realise how good she is. We are going to buy the disc of Hallelujah, I love the song by whoever sings it and of course the original by the sexy Leonard Cohen, who I still adore.

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