Fran and my visit to our sister Margaret

Hello everyone!  I am back again as today my sister Fran drove me down to Northampton, so we could visit our sister Margaret.  Fran is such a good driver that I could relax while she drove me.  We had a really good chat on the way down although the weather was atrocious most of the way with driving rain.  The journey was very straight forward down the A1, M1, A14 and A508 to Brixworth North of Northamptom, where the nursing home is.  Once there Fran set the Sat Nav, which Alan had leant her, to take us to the home.  It did get us to the right road, but suggested we turned left at the roundabout, when we should have turned right; we found that out when we asked at a garage.  The nursing home is a very modern, well equipped home; the staff all seemed lovely.  They were bringing Margaret back to her room, when we arrived. 


We had to remind her about who we are; she did not remember where we lived, but whenever I talked of members of the family, she seemed to respond in her old way.  It was good when she chuckled about a memory of father; when our cat Blackie had to be put to sleep, we had no pets anymore, but unfortunately he had left some of his friends!!  We were infested with fleas and the house had to be fumigated by the council and we had to paint ourselves in a paste and father hated it!!  That memory really cheered Margaret.  She did not realise the photo of the little girl was of her, and when we commented that David looked so young in his wedding photo, she told us how much David had hated that!!  She recalled how we all looked young as a family.  We reminisced about Christmases as children and Fran and I both agreed that somehow there was more excitement when we shopped for Christmas with Selwyn and Margaret!!  I remembered the famous Christmas, when Margaret gave me a small chocolate and I made every effort to enthuse about it, but then brought in the real present of a hoolahoop, which she had not been able to disguise in wrapping!!  Margaret was amazing when she took us on holiday, when Fran and I were young; when we thanked her again for all that she did for us, she just said that she did for us what she would have loved to experience at our age!!  She was always extremely generous to us.  Such reminiscences made the hour we spent with her pass very quickly.  One of the members of staff came and asked if she were coming for lunch, so I wheeled her to the dining room.  She expressed regret that we were going, as she said how much she had enjoyed the conversation with us.  We said that we would visit her next year, but she said she probably be a body by then!!  I wish she were nearer as it so far away; it takes us about 3 hours each way, otherwise if she were nearer I would be able to visit her more regularly.  She obviously felt uplifted with the conversation, but I do realise she may have now forgotten that we had visited.  I am so glad that she is so well cared for there. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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2 Responses to Fran and my visit to our sister Margaret

  1. Unknown says:

    Strange Margaret saying she would have loved to experience youth hostelling etc. \’at our age\’ – because of course she did – we went on several youth hostelling trips in the early 1950s – with Father, and the Hardy family from Gargrave.Selwyn42

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks for the lovely account of your visit — I could picture it all. I don\’t think I had clicked that the home was in Brixworth. Auntie Margaret and I had a day out there when I was staying with her round about age 15. It was a lovely day and I remember Auntie Margaret befriending a woman at the bus stop. She invited us round to lovely old house there for tea!

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