I just wish my beloved could enjoy some better health

Hello everyone!  I had a good week at work and began to wrap up presents to post.  I also got letters and Christmas cards ready to post.  My beloved had written the Christmas letter which was great, as he is much more succinct than I am at expressing the events of the last year.


My poor beloved has had a bad week, as he has developed temporal mandibular joint dysfunction, which means he finds it difficult to open his mouth, often suddenly in pain!  He has found it hard to cope with this, as he has just recovered from his sciatica; he does wonder what affliction he will get next!  I do hope he soon gets better and that he does not get any other acute pain, as he has not really been well since we went on holiday.  I would get fed up if I had so many setbacks as my beloved does.  I adore him and wish he could just have some better days, as he feels so frustrated at times.  However despite his setbacks he has not succumbed to smoking again.  I am amazed at his resilience even when he has been under stress, when he would always rush for a cigarette to help him cope!  Now he refuses to allow the stress to drive him back to smoking.  I am truly amazed by his strength of mind; I am not sure if I could do the same if I had been a smoker.  Smoking never tempted me, as I saw it as money going up in smoke. 


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One Response to I just wish my beloved could enjoy some better health

  1. Steven says:

    Hi Helen, may god help your husband and make him well again so you can both enjoy Christmas.The weather in Scotlands went from Snow to Rain Yuck lol.well done you for visiting your sister I read your blog and glad she is well and looked after.Steve x

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