An enjoyable Christmas Day

Hello everyone!  Today is beautiful and sunny, so I went for a walk just to enjoy being alive!  The sunshine does do us so much good.  Yesterday was a lovely celebration with Malcolm and my daughters, Beth and Cathy, with their partners Mahmood and Ken.  I had just managed to complete my preparations for Christmas Day at about 11pm on Christmas Eve!  I had been so busy in the run up to Christmas, as I was working on Monday and Tuesday.  I was still wrapping presents up late in the evening!!  On Christmas morning I felt very dopey, but when my beloved woke up, we opened a few stocking presents, before we both dozed off again!   I then got up later than usual to get some breakfast and complete the preparations for lunch.  I kept checking on my beloved, who was still suffering so badly with his sciatica and then I helped him have a shower and helped him downstairs, so he prepared the special roast potatoes.  By this time he was exhausted and needed to rest, although a comfortable position was difficult to find for him.  Cathy joined us at 1pm and helped me with the final lunch preparations, whilst my beloved tried to rest.  Beth and Mahmood joined us at 1.35pm and the meal was then ready to serve.

My beloved was so shattered so I served him a small portion, which he ate and then needed to rest on his bed.  He slept while Cathy and Beth washed up the first course.  As
I was one of the members of our chapel, providing lifts back from the
Churches Christmas lunch (provided for the homeless and those
who would otherwise be on their own at home
), a little break before having our Christmas pudding (with white sauce and of course brandy butter) was necessary.

I took three old ladies home and they were very grateful as they could not have got out at all without the lifts.  They also had goody bags to take home with them and small Christmas cakes; it was sad to think that they often had no relatives at all now.  They found the meal delicious and the people so friendly.  I am glad that the meal took place, as earlier on in the year there seemed no one to coordinate the meal or be helpers on the day; the worry was removed from me when Philip offered to be the coordinator of the day.  I knew I could not offer to do that job, as my beloved is not well enough for me to commit myself to such a job.  All went well thanks to Philip and I was able to play my small part by transporting the ladies back home. 


Once I had returned home, we were all able to enjoy our Christmas pudding and,  I was then able to appreciate a glass of wine, as I would not be driving again that day.  I took some pudding to my beloved and soon he felt he could manage to come back down to join us.  He still did not feel up to having any wine, quite unusual by his standards but, he was then able to stay and we continued to open presents together with the girls and Mahmood.  Mahmood then left us, to visit his brother ,whilst we finished opening presents,  returning at 7pm to take Beth home.  Ken joined us at about 8pm, an afternoon nap having outstayed it’s welcome.  We had a glass of champagne to celebrate together with them.  It was a lovely family day, even though my beloved was in pain at nearly every move. 


Today, Malcolm is coping a little better and managed more lunch than yesterday, although he still moves with so much difficulty.  We are now relaxing together and enjoying ‘South Pacific’, which I had not seen before, although the songs are very familiar to me.  The social message behind the show is so good too, as it deals with lack of acceptance of people who have different coloured skin and it shows how the leading lady realises that she loves the man, despite the  fact that his first wife had been a native of the pacific island.  Now we are enjoying watching Madagascar; there has been a feast of TV this Christmas. 

This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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  1. Unknown says:

    \’never seen South Pacific before – what a confession! I saw it on a regular basis in Birmingham – on a huge screen – revolutionary at the time – Todd-AO – back in the early 1960s.Beautiful beautiful flim. One of the first films I took my girl friend to – and here we are – over 40 years later.Happy Christmas – Selwyn42

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