Lovely children’s nativity service Sunday December 21st

Hello everyone!  Last Sunday the children put on a lovely nativity, which our deacon David incorporated in his service.  One family of 4, which included the donkey, lit the Advent candles, while their mum led the readings.  The children sang about the difficult journey to Bethlehem for Mary and Joseph.  Then the children enacted the nativity scene with Mary and Joseph and the donkey coming first onto the stage, while another child was the narrator. The innkeeper who really looked the part, told them there was no room, but let them use the stable.  The Kings were the next to arrive and present their gifts and then the children sang ‘Little Jesus sweetly sleep’ and their nativity was over.  The children sang the first verse of ‘Away in a manger’ and the rest of us joined in.  David then asked the children to look and see if there was anything different on the stage and one spotted a colourful present.  The children were then eager to help, after the first child, who spotted the box was allowed to open it.  There was a parcel in it wrapped in birthday paper, and the child who recognised that it was for Jesus’ birthday, the second layer of paper showed stars to show how special he was, brown paper to show he was born in ordinary circumstances, the final layer was newspaper as it brings news and Christmas proclaims the good news of Jesus; finally a box of Celebrations were revealed, as we celebrate the good news about the birth of Jesus.  The children were totally involved in the story, in fact all of us in the congregation, were eager to see what the next layer revealed. David told them to make room for Jesus in their lives this Christmas and not forget other people, who were not as fortunate as they are.  David then suggested they shared out the sweets with the congregation, but they were not keen, as they realised they might not get any!!  In the end the children had a sweet each and then distributed the remainder through most of the congregation.  I know I shall never forget that children’s talk, which had been suggested by David’s daughter, who works with children.  It was a really good start to Christmas for me.  I was just so busy that I did not have time to share that with you before today.

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2 Responses to Lovely children’s nativity service Sunday December 21st

  1. Steven says:

    Lovely story as usual Helen, hope your hubby is feeling better and stronger every day Steve x

  2. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Hello Helen,Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I trust you and Malcolm are well and wish you both many blessings in the coming year. I miss seeing Malcolm and hope you pass my best wishes on to him. We hvae had our share of snow these past two weeks as well as an ice storm that left us "powerless" for two days. It is called camping in your own home! Seed catalogues have arrived and I am already planning for spring and the gardens. My love to you both. Bittersweet

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