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A relaxing day with my beloved after a busy week

Hello everyone!  I have just been chatting to Cathy on Skype; I find it great to see her as we talk, as that makes her not seem so far away from us.  She said how much a help it is … Continue reading

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A Brief Visit from Selwyn

Hello everyone!  Today it is lovely and bright and sunny, even though the wind is very cold.  I enjoyed a walk down to the chapel, as May, the lady I usually take to the chapel, was not so well today.  … Continue reading

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Talking in my sleep!

Hello everyone!  It is a gloomy day and the wind is gathering speed gradually.  It is fine at present although it is cloudy.  I just remembered a funny thing that happened the other morning, when I was woken in the … Continue reading

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Back to work!

Hello everyone!  I am now back at work after the lovely break I had with my beloved.  I was very busy on Thursday trying to catch up with summarising at work.  I felt refreshed after resting with my beloved and … Continue reading

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It is good to know the results

Hello everyone!  Today has been a good day, crisp, bright and sunny after a frosty night.  I had to de-ice the car this morning, as I was taking my beloved to the doctor for his MRI results.  We now know … Continue reading

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A lovely break with my beloved

Hello everyone!  Yesterday I enjoyed relaxing later in bed while my beloved rested.  He slept better yesterday so that he was able to do some cooking.  He prepared our delicious lunch yesterday, a chicken casserole, which we enjoyed with steamed … Continue reading

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‘Where is God in a world so filled with unspeakable pain?’

Hello everyone!  This morning the service led by one of our supernumerary ministers helped us focus on our frailty and imperfections; he reminded us that we are members of several different family groups such as our own family, the church … Continue reading

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